Self-care isn’t selfish, particularly during stressful times

Self-care. The very phrase often conjures up images of people indulging and pampering themselves as a kind of guilty pleasure. But self-care is so much more than that.

The fact is that we all need to include self-care as part of our lives on a regular basis.

How often do we advise a friend who has come to us and poured out their problems that they should do something for themselves? We frequently stress how..

Feeling overwhelmed with your To Do list? Try this simple technique…

Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at times with what seems like an enormous amount of jobs we need to get done in a short space of time. We all know time management is key.

However, this is sometimes easier said than done when stress levels are running high during divorce and everything feels urgent.

Sometimes it’s the amount of items on our list that makes us feel overwhelmed and sometimes it’s the items themselves that make us feel..

Foods to Avoid When Struggling with the Stress of Divorce

Stress, anxiety and depression can be common symptoms of divorce. During this time, it is important to take good care of yourself, to be in the best position possible for dealing with the various challenges of your divorce. I can often be heard advising my clients to focus on “taking control of the controllables and letting go of things they do not have control over”. What we choose to eat and drink is something we have control over and..

Moving On From Divorce: A Client’s Personal Story…

Divorce involves both an end and a beginning. Letting go of a marriage is difficult but it is also an opportunity to embrace what can turn out to be a happy future.

Here is what one of my clients did to help her to move on…

“When I first realised my marriage was ending I was approaching 50 and as far as I could see, life was over. As the shock wore off  I started believing that everything was going..

The Benefits of Doing Yoga During Divorce

Taking time to exercise gives you the opportunity of spending some time concentrating on YOU. It gives you the chance to take some well deserved time-out from the “busyness” of your life with all it’s stresses and strains.

You get to spend some important time on self-care which should be part(however big or small) of our daily routine.

Self-care can be approached in lots of different ways and healthy exercise is just one of them. There are also lots of..

How To Approach Valentine’s Day When You’re Single or Going Through Divorce

I’ve never been the greatest fan of Valentine’s Day. It’s a strange concept to choose just one day to celebrate your love for your partner. It’s as if making a fuss of them on 14th February makes up for not showing your love on the other 364 days of the year. I have even heard some even say that it’s a good opportunity to bank some brownie points in your relationship, so it lets them off the hook for..

ladies chatting over coffeeHow to Create a Support Network for Your Divorce

The breakdown of a marriage is a very challenging time in anyone’s life. No one gets married thinking they will ever have to face divorce. Many people going through divorce can feel lost and confused. However, there is no need to feel you have to struggle alone. It is a sign of strength, not weakness to recognise you need help and support at this difficult time.


Why You Need A Support Network?

When you are facing a..

broken heartAre You Worried That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You?

As a divorce consultant, I often get asked what the most common reason is for people to get divorced. Most people presume it is infidelity.

In fact, statistics tell us that the most common ground for divorce in England and Wales at the moment is what is called unreasonable behaviour“. Here the person wanting the divorce sets out various different reasons why they have decided to get a divorce. However, spouses having affairs is still a common ground for divorce.


image of happy familyConscious Uncoupling: The New Way To Divorce?

On March 26th 2014, the news was littered with coverage of the announcement by Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin that they have decided to divorce. But being celebs, they are not having any old divorce. Oh no, they will be “consciously uncoupling”.

All the big newspapers were covering the Paltrow/Martin announcement and discussing “conscious uncoupling”.  As a divorce consultant, I was fascinated with what at first sounded like a brand new way of conducting a divorce. I needed to learn..

How To Cope With Christmas When You Feel Your Marriage Is Over

Preparing for the Christmas festivities can be very stressful and can put a strain on the strongest of relationships. If your relationship is already on the rocks, coping with Christmas could seem like a daunting prospect. Are you in this position? Here are my tips on how best to cope with the festive period:

Keep your emotions under control

Do what you can to keep calm, however much your partner starts to annoy you. Avoid using alcohol to mask..