3 Things To Think About If You Are Considering Divorce

If you have come to the sad conclusion that your marriage has come to an end, there are probably lots of questions whizzing around in your mind, e.g. “What happens when…..?”

Whilst there may be lots of unknowns at this stage about what the future will look like now you wish to divorce, I would recommend the starting point be for you to gather your thoughts on 3 important topics:

1. the marriage – are you married and if so..

Feeling overwhelmed with your To Do list? Try this simple technique…

Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at times with what seems like an enormous amount of jobs we need to get done in a short space of time. We all know time management is key.

However, this is sometimes easier said than done when stress levels are running high during divorce and everything feels urgent.

Sometimes it’s the amount of items on our list that makes us feel overwhelmed and sometimes it’s the items themselves that make us feel..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs H’s Story


Mrs H kindly agreed to answer some questions about the work we have been doing together and her journey so far, which we hope will help explain how working with a divorce consultant can help before and during your divorce.

Her name is disguised and I have not used her photo, to protect her identity.


Here is Mrs H’s story in her own words….

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs O’s Story

I have been working with this lovely lady since the beginning of her divorce. Her divorce solicitor recommended she contact me, initially to help her prepare her financial disclosure information.

Since then, I have worked closely with her to support and guide her through her divorce process. I have accompanied her to meetings with her solicitor and barrister and we keep in regular contact as the case progresses towards the first court hearing.

She has kindly agreed to share..

Moving On From Divorce: A Client’s Personal Story…

Divorce involves both an end and a beginning. Letting go of a marriage is difficult but it is also an opportunity to embrace what can turn out to be a happy future.

Here is what one of my clients did to help her to move on…

“When I first realised my marriage was ending I was approaching 50 and as far as I could see, life was over. As the shock wore off  I started believing that everything was going..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs K’s Story

I worked with this lovely lady from when she first discovered her husband’s affair, through the legal process and for a period of time afterwards as she adjusted to her post-divorce life. We are still in touch now and she has kindly agreed to share the story of her divorce journey and the work we did together.

To protect her identity, I have not used her photo or her real name.

Here is Mrs K’s story in her own..

How To Approach The First Meeting With Your Divorce Solicitor

Arranging to meet with your divorce solicitor for the first time can feel daunting. No one wants to find themselves in this situation and the thought of discussing the personal details of the breakdown of your marriage may feel quite uncomfortable.

However, it is crucial to obtain legal advice from a specialist family law solicitor about your situation and options. It will help you to make informed decisions about your next steps and you will have put a solicitor in..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help When You’re Considering A Divorce


Perhaps you are thinking about separation or have recently separated and are not sure what your next steps should be.

There may still be an element of uncertainty in your situation and you may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed.

At either stage, you may not be ready to see a solicitor or you may not even know if you want to separate.


Do any of the following statements sound familiar?

I have been unhappy in my marriage for a..

How Money Issues Can Cause Problems in Relationships


On Wednesday 22nd March 2017, The Times published an interesting article discussing the findings of research done by three charities in to the main cause for relationship problems.

The results of the research showed that “money worries were the reason most commonly cited by couples for strains on relationships”. To read the full article click here.

This is a very interesting topic and I was given the opportunity to be interviewed on TalkRadio about the article to give my..

Why I Became A Divorce Consultant

This is the most personal blog I have written but I thought it would be helpful to share my story…

The question I get asked most often is “why did you decide to stop working as a solicitor?” The main reason involves the lady sitting next to me in the photo opposite – my lovely mum.

The photo was taken in August 2016 at a celebratory lunch marking the 6 year anniversary of my divorce consultancy business.

It felt very..