Two Top Tips For Preparing For Your First Meeting With The Solicitor

freeimage-4886272-webTo make the meeting as productive as possible for you, I recommend 2 things;


it’s a good idea to spend time writing a list of questions you want to ask the solicitor. This will help you stay focused during the meeting. It also ensures you remember to cover everything that is important to you. The solicitor will appreciate being made aware of the particular areas of law on which you require their advice, and will mean they won’t need to spend time giving you surplus information you may not need at this moment in time.


I suggest reviewing information about your family finances and making a note of the details of all assets and liabilities, e.g. value of the house, list of current and savings accounts, details of any loans and credit cards etc. You may also want to bring any relevant paperwork regarding finances. The solicitor will need to have a clear picture of the financial position of the family before they will be in a position to advise fully on financial issues. If you are unsure of the details because your spouse has always taken responsibility for the family’s money, don’t worry. Just provide the solicitor with as much information as you know.


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  1. Good advice Rhiannon. The more information someone can provide to a divorce solicitor the better the advice they will receive. The approach you suggest also keeps a focus on the practical and legal issues that the solicitor can help with, rather than the difficult emotional issues which are better dealt with by coaches and counsellors, or the listening ear of a friend.

  2. Thanks for the comment Teresa. There is a huge benefit to working with coaches and counsellors during your divorce rather than relying on your solicitor for emotional support.

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