Frequently Heard Statements From New Clients

Can you or someone you know relate to any of the following?


  • I have just found out my partner is having an affair and want to talk to someone who is not family or friends about what has happened.


  •  My partner has just told me he wants to separate and I feel lost and confused as to what happens next.


  •  I have decided I want to separate from my partner and want some guidance about what I should be thinking about.


  •  I have separated from my partner and have lots of questions about what happens next but I am not ready to see a solicitor.


  •  I have made the decision to get divorced but have not yet taken steps to see a solicitor and don’t know where to start.


  •  I am getting divorced and feel nervous about the legal proceedings.


  •  I have started the divorce proceedings but am finding the legal process confusing and stressful.


  •  I am struggling to complete the legal forms.


  •  I am worried about the thought of going to court.


  •  I am struggling to understand my solicitor’s advice and find it difficult to give them clear instructions about what I want to do.


  •  I have lots of questions about the legal process and my family situation but don’t feel comfortable talking to my solicitor.


 If you or someone you know can relate to any of these statements, I can help.  Divorce and separation is a difficult time. You do not have to go it alone. Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy is here to provide comfort, reassurance and practical help. Please get in touch here


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