When You Are Living Apart But Are Still Legally Married…

Here are my 3 top tips for separated couples who haven’t yet divorced:

1. Divorce is not the only option, particularly if you have not been separated for long.

Find out more about the choices you have available to you, by getting in touch with me. When you are ready, I can also provide you with details of how to find the right solicitor for you and prepare you for what’s involved.


2. However long you have been living apart, without a divorce you remain legally married.

As such, if the financial position of either you or your spouse changes, it could affect the financial settlement when you do eventually seek a formal financial settlement. Protect your financial position. Get advice and make strong informed decisions.


3. No one gets married thinking they will get divorced.

It’s a difficult time in anyone’s life. Don’t feel intimidated by what might be involved. You do not have to go through it alone. I have years of experience of divorce and separation and am here to navigate you through the process as painlessly and economically as possible.


4. How A Divorce Coach Can Help

I will provide you with help to:

– break things down into manageable steps
– Explain what is involved and what to expect, each step of the way
– Answer concerns and questions you have which might be getting in the way of decision making to move you forward
– Provide emotional and practical support at this difficult time in your life.
– Give you tips and suggestions to help you feel calmer, more in control and then better able to deal with the situation.
If you or someone you know would benefit from my help, please get in touch with me here I can provide clarity and comfort through this difficult time.


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