Separating Parents: Planning Arrangements for the Children


Separating from your partner is difficult enough but along with it comes the logistical challenge of care for the children you have together.

You share responsibility for your children with their other parent. For this to work, you need to reach a workable agreement regarding the arrangements.

Here are 10 things you will need to consider:

How will you approach arrangements? Are both parents on the same page and do you have an agreed plan of how it will all work?

Day to day arrangements: Where will the children live? How much time will each parent have with the children? What other childcare arrangements are required?

Introducing a new partner: How and when will this be done?

Moving House: How will this be approached? How will it affect the other parent’s time with the children?

Medical treatment: What arrangements will be made if the children need medical treatment?

Holidays: Consideration for arrangements for the school holidays. How will the holidays be split between the parents? When will each parent take the children away on holiday?

School: Make sure both parents are kept informed of all school information. The school needs to be advised that letters need to be sent out to each parent. Who attends school events?

Religion or culture: What events are important to you? How will the other parent uphold this?

Health: Who is responsible for health issues and appointments?

Money: Who pays what for the children?

Not all of the above will need to be agreed in one go but its important to be aware of what issues may come up for discussion further down the line.

I do a great deal of work with my clients regarding arrangements for the children. I help them to communicate effectively with their ex partner to reach an amicable agreement which must always in the children’s best interests.


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