The Benefits of Going To Court to Get a Financial Settlement

The topics covered so far in this week’s blog campaign come under the heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution. They are processes available to help the divorcing couple reach an amicable settlement regarding finances (and children). Reaching an agreement is in the best interests of the couple and can also involve a big saving on legal costs. However, sometimes there is no alternative but to apply to the court to resolve the dispute.

Arbitration: A New Approach to Resolving Finances in Divorce

Arbitration was introduced in March 2012 and is slowly gaining momentum. It is an alternative to going to court to resolve financial matters in divorce. It is most suitable for couples who do not think they could reach agreement but still wish to avoid the costs and delays associated with going to court.

couple shaking hands with business professionals looking onWhat Is Collaborative Law?

For some of my clients, mediation is not appropriate. They may still want to resolve matters amicably and wish to avoid going to court. They are open to negotiations with their husband/wife but would feel more comfortable having their solicitor present for this. For these types of clients, they may wish to consider the option of Collaborative Law.


What is it?

“Separating and divorcing couples can now deal with issues arising upon the breakdown of..

How To Reach A Financial Settlement Through Mediation

Where the separating couple are luckily enough to still be communicating well and are confident they can reach an amicable agreement, mediation may be an appropriate route for them to resolve their financial and/or children issues. Whilst I am a great supporter of the mediation process, it is not appropriate for all of my clients. I am always a little nervous of clients who wish to use mediation only because they have heard it could save them lots of money..