The What, Why and How of Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy

What is Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy?

It is a professional consultancy service created to provide support and guidance for people going through divorce and separation. It gives practical help with both legal and personal issues, as well as empathetic emotional support. Divorce consultancy can benefit people at all stages of divorce and separation, e.g. early stages of separation, during the legal process and post -divorce.

Why would someone need these services?

No-one gets married thinking they will ever face divorce. It can be a challenging and confusing time in someone’s life.  It is important to get the right type of help and support to help you navigate through this life transition. Working with a divorce consultant will help you feel as strong and in control as possible, with effective coping strategies.  Divorce consultancy provides a non -judgemental environment to discuss your concerns and provide a solution- focused approach.

How does it work?

Specialist skills, knowledge and experience are adapted to help the client navigate through this challenging time. Each client is treated as an individual, being provided with a bespoke service to meet their specific needs. Work is carried out at the pace set by the client. Each session varies depending on the type of help the client requires at that particular time. At one session, the client may require more practical, hands on help and at another may need more legal based assistance.


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