woman looking behind her thinkingWhat Happens Now I Am Divorced?

freeimage-2258061-webMost people expect to feel a great sense of relief when their divorce is finally over. In my experience however, many people end up not feeling quite as elated as they had hoped, when the Decree Absolute comes through the post

You’ve been running on adrenalin during the divorce process.

You’ve been kept busy by the lawyers and surrounded with support and advice. Now it is all over, there is a big hole in your life. It’s only now you have the time to catch your breath and begin to process your feelings about the end of your marriage and what this means to you.

Like with a bereavement, after a while, support from family and friends may start to dwindle.

They may not be sure how they can help you anymore (especially if they cannot relate to what you are going through), or they may feel you should be okay by now. It’s been months since the separation, after all (?)There is no exact timeframe by which you will know you have healed from your marriage breakdown. Everyone deals with things in their own time. It’s not for anyone else to say you should be “over it” by now.

The end of a marriage involves a huge life transition.

It is perfectly natural to feel lost and a little overwhelmed. If your legal case was long and/or acrimonious, then it will take time to recover from the stress and emotion associated with this. You will need time to process your thoughts and feelings both about the past and to clarify your thoughts about the future.

 Do not be afraid to recognise you still need support from people around you.

Identify what is causing you most anxiety and address it. Seek help from the right sources. You may need to consider seeing a counsellor to help process these feelings. Coaching can also be very beneficial, helping you to move forward with your life and plan for a happy future.

Divorce coaching can assist people during and after their divorce.

I help navigate them through the legal process and then help them to move forward with their lives. You do not need to struggle on alone. I am here to support you. Get in touch to find out how I might be able to help you through post-divorce coaching.  Contact me here

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