Sleep Problems and Divorce

Emotional stress during divorce is exhausting and you may need more rest at the moment.

During the Day

It’s a good idea to rest during the day when possible. Just a 20mins power nap or lie down can do wonders to re-energise you for the rest of the day. If you are worried about your rest time running over, you can set an alarm on your mobile phone.


Our daily activities can also impact the quality of our sleep..

children supporting each otherGetting Support During Divorce

During divorce and separation, many people feel very lonely and isolated. Here are my tips for getting the right support:

·         Choose carefully who you decide to confide in.

       Having the wrong kind of support can end up being worse than having no support at all. We may discover that the people in our lives vary as to how helpful they are to us in different types of..

woman jogging with her dogsHow Exercise Can Help You To Cope Better With Your Divorce

When you are feeling stressed or low during your divorce, exercise may be the last thing on your mind, but I promise you it will help you to feel better. It doesn’t have to involve a heavy work-out; walking in the fresh air every day really helps.

Why exercise is so useful during divorce:

It is a great release for pent up frustration and anger It boosts mood – releasing endorphins which provide the feel good factor You’ll get fitter..

photo of stressed womanHow To Manage Stress During Divorce

Relationship breakdown, involves a complex variety of issues. It is natural for you to feel stressed when you are going through divorce. The first steps to managing stress are:

1. recognise that you are stressed

and then

2. identify what in particular is causing you stress – e.g. money, the children, being alone, or all of the above

Once you know you are stressed and what the cause is, you can start to..

How to Approach Food and Drink When Going Through Divorce

What we eat and drink has a huge impact on how we feel. Whilst going through divorce, it is important to eat the right types of food to help boost serotonin levels. This will help increase mood and energy levels, helping you feel stronger to cope with your divorce.

Whilst sugary treats and alcohol may seem appealing to help us feel better at stressful times, sugar and alcohol in fact worsen anxiety levels in..