calendar marking divorce dayJanuary was “divorce month” but were you ready to get a divorce?

Rhiannon - calendarThe first working day in January has been named Divorce Day and the month of January, Divorce Month. During this time, many divorce professionals receive an increase in enquiries from new clients, who are considering separation/divorce.

However, often the client is neither emotionally or physically ready to embark on the legal process, when they make their first appointment with a solicitor. That’s where I can help.

Having previously worked as a family law solicitor, I understand the legal process involved in getting divorced. I combine my legal knowledge with compassion and empathetic support to guide my clients through this challenging time in their lives.

How Divorce Coaching Can Help

The large majority of my clients come to me when they have not yet separated or have only very recently separated. I work with them until they are ready to embark on the legal process (and during the process itself if required) providing the client with, amongst other things:
• Emotional support, involving coping strategies and stress management techniques.
• Practical help and guidance for the stressful early stages of separation.
• Coaching to help them make the best decision for them as to how they wish to proceed.
• Guidance for approaching children issues, with tips on how to tell the children about the separation as well as help with parenting plans.
• Tips for effective communication skills for managing their relationship with their ex.
• Assistance to find the right solicitor for the client (if the client has not already been referred to me by a particular solicitor).
• Preparation for the client for their first meeting with the solicitor – e.g. what to expect, what information to take with them, how to be clear with what they want from the meeting.


For more information about getting support and guidance through divorce and separation, click on the following link to read my blog called the Benefits of Divorce Coaching


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