How A Divorce Consultant Can Help Your Through The Legal Process


The legal process can be very intimidating and confusing.

When you feel stressed it is difficult to feel confident about making big decisions and to provide your solicitor with clear instructions.

Can you relate to any of the following?


  • I am ready to embark on a divorce and need to find a good family law solicitor to represent me. I don’t know where to start looking and how I will know if I’ll feel comfortable working with that particular person.


  • I am struggling to complete the financial forms my solicitor/mediator has given me to complete. I would like some practical help and advice on how best to approach the Form E and Expenses Schedule.


  • I am in the divorce process but feel nervous and confused about the legal proceedings. I would like to talk through my concerns with someone other than my solicitor, but who has professional knowledge and experience in family law.


  • I am struggling with my emotions which is causing me difficulties in processing the advice from my solicitor and also my ability to give them clear instructions of what I want them to do. I would like some support with the emotional issues and help to effectively communicate with my solicitor.


  •  I am nervous about going to mediation/court/settlement meeting and need help on how best to prepare emotionally and on a practical basis.


How my divorce consultancy services can help

Having previously worked as a family law solicitor, I have lots of knowledge and experience of the divorce process with which I can help you. There are many ways in which I guide and support my clients through the legal process and everyone’s journey and experience is different. Here are some of the main types of help I can provide(but this is by no means an exhaustive list):

Helping you complete legal forms

Your solicitor/mediator will need you to provide them with full details of your financial position. This information is often presented in a Form E(Financial Statement) and Expenses Form(Income Needs Schedule). These forms can appear confusing and complicated particularly when you are feeling emotionally fragile. I can provide hands on help with both collecting the information and completing the forms themselves. This will help give you peace of mind that you are providing your solicitor/mediator with the information they need to provide you with legal advice to move your case forward.

For more information about how I can help with your financial forms, please see my blog Are You Struggling with the Form E?

Explaining legal jargon in plain English

Legal language can be quite confusing when you are not familiar with it. It is important that you understand the meaning of the phrases being used by the legal professionals working on your case. You may not want to keep asking your solicitor to explain them. I can help de-mystify the law by providing clear and straight forward explanations of the terminology and how it fits in to your case. Having this clarity and understanding can help reduce any stress and uncertainty you may have about the legal process. Having things made clear and easy to understand, can also help give you confidence with important decision-making.

Preparing you for meetings and attending court

I can make the legal process more manageable by providing a clear explanation of what will be going on and what you need to think about. At the end of each of our discussions, you will know what to expect, what is expected of you and will feel more confident about the way forward. We can discuss what you want to say at the professional meetings and what information to take with you; how to manage any difficult feelings which may come up and how to ask questions to ensure you understand everything being discussed. Feeling prepared will help  you to feel calmer and more confident about the meeting or court hearing, putting you in a stronger position for the experience to be more comfortable for you.

Accompanying you to court and meetings

For many people going to court and other meetings about your divorce case, can be daunting. You may be concerned about whether you’ll remember what you wanted to say and/or afterwards everything which was discussed. I can prepare you for the meetings, giving you realistic expectations of what to expect and how to prepare yourself. I can also come with you to many of the meetings(and court hearings) to provide moral support as well as someone to talk things through with afterwards. My knowledge and experience of the legal proceedings also means I can ensure you understand what is/was discussed, the advice you received and the decisions made.

Guiding you to communicate effectively with your solicitor and your ex

In times of stress, it can sometimes be difficult to think clearly and absorb all the information/questions from the solicitor. I can explain the content of the solicitor’s letters to you, help you gather your thoughts and then assist you to provide clear instructions back to them. It is also quite common for personal feelings you may have towards your ex to get in the way of effective communication between you about important issues.  I can provide you with strategies to help you manage both your feelings and efficiently communicate with your ex regarding the important issues – e.g. children arrangements and financial matters.

Supporting you with practical and personal non legal issues

Legal issues are only part of a divorce. It is important to receive the right help and support with every aspect of your divorce experience. I can provide support with the emotional challenges with suggestions on how best to manage and process your feelings. You may have practical considerations – e.g. moving home. I can help you with planning. You may have financial matters to work through, with possible changes to your lifestyle. I can help put systems in place to help you with budgeting and introduce you to resources and professionals to help with money management. I can also help you create a workable parenting plan with your ex for the benefit of the children.


“I’m genuinely not sure how I would have navigated my way through this time without Rhiannon’s support and guidance. I was so nervous and she came with me to my initial meeting with the solicitor that she had helped me to find. I remember very little about that meeting and so was very relieved that Rhiannon had listened attentively and made notes that we could discuss afterwards. I found the way that Rhiannon can “translate” legal language to be critical in managing communications with my solicitor.” – SC from Surrey

“Rhiannon attended court hearings and was an invaluable support. I completely respected her honest thoughts as well as encouragement and guidance.” – CJ from Surrey


Before embarking on the formal legal process, I can help you find a good divorce solicitor. For more information about this please click on this link: How To Choose A Divorce Solicitor.


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