5 Tips to Save Money on Your Divorce

People getting divorced often worry that it will cost them a small fortune to get through the divorce process itself. This does not have to happen.

Whilst, unfortunately, it is likely to cost more than you wish it would, you have more control over how much you spend on your divorce, than perhaps you think you do.

There are various steps you can take to limit the money you spend, helping you to maximise the money available to divide between you and your spouse, and minimise the money spent on legal costs.

Here are my top 5 cost-saving tips:


1. Keep open communication with your ex

Try not to rely on your solicitor as a go-between between you and your ex for non-legal issues. This is not a cost-effective use of your solicitor’s time. As much as possible, put aside your personal feelings towards your ex and continue to communicate with them directly about matters for which you don’t really need to use solicitors. If you can’t face talking to them face to face, you could email, text or ask someone else to be there with you when you speak to them. For more information on this, see my blog How to Handle Difficult Conversations during Divorce, for more tips.


2. Choose the right divorce solicitor for your case

It is important to instruct a family law specialist solicitor who is also a member of Resolution. Making sure you are working with a solicitor who specialises in family law will be both time and cost-effective, helping your case to run more efficiently than with someone with little experience in family law. You will be receiving expert advice about your case which will enable you to feel calmer and more confident about the legal process and better able to cope with your situation. To find out more read my blog – How to Choose a Divorce Solicitor.


3. Manage your relationship with your divorce solicitor

Be careful how you use your solicitor’s time during your divorce case. Time is money. Avoid sending them lots of short emails with small queries in each. It is better to send one longer email setting out all the questions for your solicitor to answer in one go. It is also important to decide whether your solicitor is the best person to answer the particular questions you have at any one time. Are your questions all legal questions? For non-legal issues, you will need to decide who is in a better position to help you – e.g. a counsellor, friend or your divorce coach. Be efficient with paperwork and instructions for your solicitor. All time spent on your file is chargeable by your solicitor, so make sure you are avoiding them spending more time than is necessary by having to chase you for documents and/or your instructions.


4. Take a sensible approach to your divorce

Throughout the divorce process, focus on making decisions with your head and not your heart. Avoid making any decisions at all when you are feeling particularly emotional. Take your time and think things through rationally. Taking a sensible and reasonable approach to your divorce will also help everything run more smoothly which will save you time, money and stress. It will also help salvage some form of relationship with your ex. Make decisions that you think you’ll still feel comfortable with in a year’s time, to ensure you’re not making big decisions in haste just to get the divorce over with. A cost-effective way of resolving both financial (and perhaps children issues), is to consider using Mediation. For more information on how this works see my blog – How to Reach a Financial Settlement through Mediation.


5. Work with a divorce coach

For anyone going through divorce, it is not just a family law solicitor that is needed. You will require strong support team around you to help them with all the different aspects of the divorce journey and beyond. As well as legal advice, divorcing people will also need personal support, emotional support, practical help, financial advice etc. An important member of this support system is your divorce coach. They can provide valuable insight in to the legal process as well as assisting you to navigate through the practical and emotional aspects of your divorce journey. Working with a divorce coach is a sure fire way to save you unnecessary costs with your solicitor. To find out more read my blog Benefits of Divorce Coaching.

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  1. Good advice Rhiannon. Sometimes it’s hard to remain reasonable, especially if your ex isn’t being reasonable but in the long run it’s the best road to take.

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