How To Prepare For Your Family Law Mediation Sessions

It’s very important for you to feel as prepared as possible for your mediation sessions.

This will help with both your confidence and will keep you calm as well as ensuring that the mediation sessions are as productive as possible.


My top tips for preparing are as follows:


Make sure you have thought through how you will feel about negotiating with your spouse and talk through with your divorce coach how best to approach this and how to feel as comfortable as possible in this environment.


Collect together all information regarding your financial position and present this either in a spreadsheet or in the formal financial settlement document if this has been supplied to you by the mediator.


Work with your divorce coach on a strategy for your discussions. Get clear in your mind what you would like to achieve by way of financial settlement, what you are willing to compromise on and what your priorities are.


Take a notepad and pen in with you with your notes written out for the session and for you to have the opportunity to write notes during each session so that you can look back over them to think about things between sessions.


Check in with your divorce coach after each session, to debrief how that session went and to prepare you for the next.


You also have the opportunity of talking to your solicitor and getting further legal advice between sessions for you to use in further discussions in the sessions themselves.


If at any point during the sessions you feel uncomfortable, tell the mediator and, if need be, that particular mediation session needs to be brought to an end.


If you do not feel that mediation is working then tell your mediator and, if need be, the mediation sessions will need to stop and you can then revert to your solicitor to consider using a different option available to resolve financial matters between you and your spouse; Don’t feel you need to continue in mediation if you do not feel it is progressing positively and/or you are feeling uncomfortable.


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