5 Tips For Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce may feel like a minefield. You may have been with your spouse for many years and so have been out of the “dating game” for quite some time. You may not know where to start with meeting someone new and/or may not yet have quite clear idea of the type of person you are looking to meet.

Here are my top 5 tips for dating after divorce:

1. Decide carefully if you’re ready

Recovering from the breakdown of your marriage takes time. You will need space to adjust to your new life and to grieve for your marriage. Dating should be fun and exciting and requires a positive mindset. You decide when you are ready to dip your toe in the water.

2. Keep an open mind

It is good to meet a range of different types of people. Don’t go looking for a replica of your ex and likewise don’t try too hard to find the opposite (on the basis that things didn’t work out with your ex).  What you were looking for pre-marriage could now be very different.

 3. Don’t rush in

There is no rush to enter in to another relationship after your divorce. You may still be feeling fragile and vulnerable after the hurt of your marriage breakdown. Try not to get too serious too quickly with any new beau, simply to avoid being on your own. Have fun.

 4. Be careful introducing the children

New partners should not be introduced as such to your children, unless you are positive this is something serious. Also, don’t expect your kids to be quite so excited about your new relationship as you are. They may still be recovering from their family splitting up.

 5. Get support from friends

Your trusted friends and relatives can be a great source of encouragement and support to help you re-build you confidence for dating again. As well as providing advice, they could also be a good resource for finding fellow singletons.


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