How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs C’s Story

One of the lovely clients I’m working with at the moment, has agreed to share the personal story of her divorce journey so far and the work we are doing together to help her navigate through this challenging time in her life.

To protect her identity, I am not sharing her photo or using her real name.

One of the things I enjoy about meetings with my clients, is that I sometimes get to meet their dogs. The image here is this client’s cute dog who was assisting her to collect the financial documentation I needed to help prepare her Form E.


Here is Mrs C’s story in her own words…

“There is nothing that could have prepared me for how I would feel upon discovering that my husband was being unfaithful.

I didn’t want to cut up his clothes or scratch his car; I overwhelmingly felt that everything I had known for the last 30 years had been scrunched up and thrown away and I went with it. I found myself in a terribly dark hole that appeared to have no escape.

The few friends that I confided in made helpful suggestions of what I “should” do to cope with the situation but nothing made any sense. From our very first meeting, Rhiannon introduced the word “could”, she made me realise that I did have choices, I could make decisions, I could influence my future.

I felt so lost, Rhiannon, always calm and confident, helped me to think about what I actually wanted to do.

She never tried to influence my decision, she steadfastly focused on helping me to recognise my options. I trusted her implicitly as I knew that unlike friends and family, Rhiannon wanted what was the best for me.

When I decided that divorce was the only option, Rhiannon’s legal background was completely invaluable.

I knew absolutely nothing about the divorce process and was overwhelmed at the thought of finding and even talking to a solicitor. I’m genuinely not sure how I would have navigated my way through this time without Rhiannon’s support and guidance. I was so nervous that she came with me to my initial meeting with the solicitor that she had helped me to find. I remember very little about that meeting and so was very relieved that Rhiannon had listened attentively and made notes that we could discuss over a coffee afterwards.

I found the way that Rhiannon can “translate” legal language to be critical in managing communications with my solicitor.

Rhiannon can summarize and explain that which I would otherwise have to ask the solicitor. This has saved money but also time; Rhiannon has always responded to my messages (however strange they may be) in person and with surprising speed which has  dramatically eased my stress levels and has reduced the number of communications I have had to make with my solicitor.

Whilst I am not yet at the end of my divorce journey I do know that I have come a long way since my first nervous meeting.

I can say with confidence that the very best thing I did was to contact Rhiannon and ask her for her help. Every time that I have felt overcome by my situation, without fail, Rhiannon has been there to help me see what I could do to improve it. The fact that it has always been my decision has helped me to build the confidence that I thought I had lost. For the first time in a very long time I am beginning to look up to the sky again and that is something I thought I would never do again.

I would without hesitation encourage anyone in a difficult time in their marriage to contact Rhiannon.

I can whole heartedly assure you that Rhiannon will be there for you in a way that family of friends can’t be. You will have access to an invaluable resource of comprehensive legal knowledge and incredibly useful articles to read. If there is something you want to find out about, Rhiannon will research and find it for you!

Above all, please remember that…

however desperate you feel, however hopeless your situation appears to be, Rhiannon will listen when you are able to talk and she will talk when all you can do is listen.

She will be calm when your mind is frantic and she will smile when you can’t even remember how to yourself. You will feel safe and you will know that someone really does care about what happens to you and your family.”


Mrs C is doing incredibly well to deal with her difficult situation, something I make sure I keep reminding of. We continue to work together to help her to believe there will be a light at the end of the tunnel. She’s a pleasure to work with and I have no doubt will create a happy post-divorce life for herself and her children.


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