How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Amanda’s Story

I worked with this lovely lady a few years ago and she has kindly agreed to share her personal divorce story and details about the work we did together to navigate her through the challenging time in her life. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and ALWAYS prioritised her children in every decision and action she took throughout the whole process. A great example of positive parenting.

Here is Amanda’s story in her own words…

“I worked with Rhiannon from October 2012, shortly after my separation…

to early 2015 when the final divorce papers were submitted. She was invaluable for helping me navigate the emotional, legal, logistical and financial maze of untangling a relationship, a family and finances and reaching divorce while maintaining my sanity and positivity and still enjoying life around it.


Ending a marriage, even relatively amicably, is sh*t.

Doing it alongside everyday life of parenting and work can be relentless. The law does not always feel fair or logical or reasonable. Your soon-to-be ex-partner will behave strangely and be hurtful. You probably will too.


Rhiannon understands all this…

and she has insight into how people react to the grief and guilt and fear of divorce and how this can make them behave and feel.

So she empathises and supports when things don’t feel great but she is careful to be honest and keep you realistic. She will remind you to look after yourself and suggests ways to do that. And she will make sure you notice and celebrate any success along the way…to help you see things will be ok.


She will support you as much or as little as you need and she is careful to ensure you spend money sensibly.

She has a valuable little black book of other professionals you may need and will help find one that suits you (solicitor, mortgage advice, a will).


Our sessions together were punctuated with…

many snotty tears (mine), raucous laughter, simmering indignation and imaginative swearing – that worked for me. But I know Rhiannon will handle each client in a way that suits them best.”


I am really pleased to still be in touch with Amanda and it is always great to receive updates from her about her life and that of her lovely girls. She has done amazingly well to move on so well from her divorce, always maintaining a strong, positive attitude and a smile. She has already achieved a great deal in so many aspects of her post-divorce life and I know will continue to keep adding to the list.


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