How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs K’s Story

I worked with this lovely lady from when she first discovered her husband’s affair, through the legal process and for a period of time afterwards as she adjusted to her post-divorce life. We are still in touch now and she has kindly agreed to share the story of her divorce journey and the work we did together.

To protect her identity, I have not used her photo or her real name.

Here is Mrs K’s story in her own words…

“From the moment I met Rhiannon I felt at ease…

felt understood and felt I could be completely open and honest without being judged.

Rhiannon had been recommended by a trusted friend as someone who might personalise the hideous situation I found myself in and help me navigate my way through an incredibly difficult journey.

From beginning to end, she listened…

often for long periods and showed enormous empathy.

She structured her directed suggestions with care not to over load and she understood when I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth. She offered to deal with things if I couldn’t and supported me in my choice of solicitor.

Rhiannon attended court hearings and was an invaluable support…

I completely respected her frank and honest thoughts as well as encouragement and guidance.

I worked with Rhiannon for well over 2 years…

the worst 2 years of my life. She has witnessed my anger, frustration, tears and more recently, renewed laughter.

The divorce process is scary and incredibly emotional. She is outstanding in every regard and I would encourage anyone boarding this journey to take her with you.

After my divorce was finalised and reality/norm sank in Rhiannon continued to make contact. I felt  low and exhausted but she had prepared me for this.

A year on and my confidence is beginning to return.

I have two incredible children who have both struggled immensely, but they have both secured places at top independent schools and our home is sometimes full of the laughter it once was.

Rhiannon is more than a divorce coach. I would consider her my friend. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through a very dark time.” 


I recently met Mrs C for a coffee and catch up in her lovely new home. She has achieved such a lot since her acrimonious divorce and is an inspiration to those concerned about surviving their divorce journey in tact. There can be life and happiness post-divorce. Not only has she a gorgeous new home but she has started her own business, determined to move forward with her life and work towards financial independence. She is determined to ensure her children do not suffer any ill effects from their parents’ difficult divorce. All credit to her as they are both doing incredibly well, academically as well as in the personal development which is lovely to see.


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