Moving On From Divorce: A Client’s Personal Story…

Divorce involves both an end and a beginning. Letting go of a marriage is difficult but it is also an opportunity to embrace what can turn out to be a happy future.

Here is what one of my clients did to help her to move on…

“When I first realised my marriage was ending I was approaching 50 and as far as I could see, life was over. As the shock wore off  I started believing that everything was going to be okay, I just didn’t know what okay would look like. Slowly I began to trust in a future that I needed to create for myself. A difficult task when resources were depleted.

I’ve always been one for symbols, even more so the sentiment behind those symbols.

Jewellery had much symbolic meaning for me in the context of my relationship – the diamond necklace and earring set I wore on my wedding day, my gorgeous engagement ring (gorgeous because we chose it together when we were so in love), the wedding rings exchanged on a sunset beach on an Australian island, and the eternity ring that I believed was a promise.

After a while I knew I couldn’t live with these symbols around me anymore and I sold any piece of jewellery that had once been a symbol of love. All except the eternity ring that is now cherished by my stepdaughter as a symbol of our own loving friendship.

With an empty jewellery box and a heart full of so many emotions, the divorce process was nearing the end two years later when I saw a symbol that captured my heart. It said everything that I wanted to believe at that stage of my life.

I celebrated the end of that heartbreaking phase of my life with a piece of jewellery that was a gift to myself and which symbolised the next phase of my journey. With the divorce finalised I was ready to look forward, and to find the energy to rebuild my own life. A life that I realised had rich potential. It didn’t matter that I didn’t know what ‘okay’ would look like, but I knew life would be so much better than okay.

I still wear this Tiffany necklace every day, I often touch the key around my neck and know that anything’s possible.

In the words of Tiffany’s marketing, this key was:

“Created to honour the rich potential in every woman, Tiffany keys are a vibrant symbol of all that’s possible.”

And it became my present to me on the first day of the rest of my life. #becauseimworthit”


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