How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mr R’s Story…

I work with clients at all different stages of the divorce and separation process. Mr R has kindly agreed to answer some questions about the work we have been doing together to help him think through whether he would like to divorce his wife. He is finding the decision making process very stressful and has a young child to consider.

Hear about Mr R’s story in his own words…

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in touch with Rhiannon in the first place?

I was considering divorce and I wanted to weigh up my options and get all my ducks in a row in terms of information and paper work

What in particular did you want help with when you first started working with Rhiannon?

Rhiannon has helped me to prepare a strategy for a potential divorce and with my thoughts on how best to deal with a partner with potentially complex personality traits.

What did you find most helpful about working with Rhiannon in the early stages of your separation/divorce?

I suppose I am still in the stages of considering divorce due to not having a lot of money and also having a young child to consider. However, during this confusing time Rhiannon has made me realise the things that I am in control of and has given me confidence in my thinking.

How has working with Rhiannon helped you during the legal process of your divorce?

The legal process has not started, and it might not be for a while. However, the work that has been done so far has been useful. The various tasks that I have been given to do to prepare me for the first steps towards divorce were broken down in a systematic fashion.

What have been any other benefits of working with Rhiannon?

Having somebody who was an objective voice. Also, far cheaper than getting advice from a solicitor. Somebody who approaches this whole issue in a non-judgemental fashion.

What would you say to someone considering getting a divorce as to how Rhiannon might be able to help them?

She can help break down the legal process into small bite size chunks. She also helps with ways of saving money. She breaks down the tasks that needed to be done into manageable steps. It has been beneficial to have somebody who empathises with the difficulties of this whole process.


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