How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Read Mrs G’s Story…

In my role as a divorce consultant, I provide both practical help through the legal process as well as emotional support at what is a very challenging time in my clients’ lives.

I first met the lovely Mrs G at the beginning of her divorce. We worked together throughout the legal process and continue to work together post-divorce for coaching support.  She has very kindly agreed to explain how our work together has benefited her.

Hear Mrs G’s story in her own words…

“No-one can prepare you for the emotional roller-coaster of divorce and whilst I believe that the practical and legal process is by and large generic, emotionally we all cope in very different ways, and we all have very different levels of support.

Recruiting Rhiannon onto my team provided me with an additional level of both practical and emotional support that proved to be invaluable to me personally.

On a practical level she was able to assist me with every element of the legal process which proved cost effective overall as she could answer questions and queries without my needing to reach out to my solicitor.  She was able to assist with the completion of the dreaded Form E that had kept me awake at night.

On an emotional level her coaching skills, combined with her warmth, honesty and compassion offered me a level of support that was absent in my life at that time.

Rhiannon added something hugely positive to a process that is, by design, destructive and traumatising.

I personally devoted my entire being to my divorce.  I created spreadsheets and databases, I trawled through mountains of financial and legal documents until it was all-consuming.  Rhiannon was my rock, my sounding board, the one constant in a harsh world that was wildly spinning out of control.

She attended court hearings, translated legal jargon that my brain was unable to compute and she listened to me cry when I believed that I might be crushed by the sheer weight of sadness and grief.

My divorce was considerably lengthy but inevitably a settlement was finally agreed and surprisingly, I survived.  Would the practical outcome have been the same without Rhiannon’s support? Yes, I’m sure it would…  Would I have survived the experience without her support?  Again, yes I’m sure that I would… Would I be the same person that I am today had Rhiannon not been a part of my life during the most difficult experience I’ve had to live through?  I can honestly say NO…

I do not believe that I would be the emotionally stable, confident, happy person that I am today had I not had Rhiannon on my team!”


Mrs G has come such a long way since we first started working together. She is an incredibly driven, ambitious and capable woman who has already worked hard to create a happy and successful life for herself, after her difficult divorce.


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