Are you divorced and planning to take your children on holiday? Top tips here…

I do a lot of work with my clients around arrangements for the children. I advise them that is in the best interests of the children for the parents to work together to create a successful co-parenting arrangement. Part of this is to reach an agreement around a parenting plan.

Hopefully as part of the parenting plan, agreement has been reached between the parents about when each of them is to have the children for holidays. This can help avoid any clash about dates when each parent may want to take the children away or have them for an extended period of time. There are however other important issues which need to be addressed and agreed between the parents, before either parent should finalise their holiday plans.

Having read her article in the Elmbridge and Kingston Magazine called Happy Holidays? I approached Miranda Green who is the head of the family team at Mundays Solicitors in Surrey to provide her top tips on this important topic. Miranda advises on all aspects of family law, with a particular interest in the financial aspects of marriage and relationship breakdown.

Here is Miranda’s advice for how best to approach making arrangements to take your children on holiday:

  1. “Try to agree holiday schedules in advance and give sufficient notice to other parents about any intended trips. Put the children first and make sure that any arrangements remain child focused.
  2. Be prepared to be flexible and co-operate. The ability to communicate and compromise is a key skill and you should not seek to dictate terms or plans to your former partner.  Remember if you make things difficult for your partner to take a holiday with the children do not be surprised if they do the same to you in the future.
  3. If you are going away, provide the other parent with full details of your travel plans, including (but not limited to):

                Your proposed holiday dates;

Travel plans (including flight numbers (or similar) and times);

Details of accommodation; and

Emergency contact details.

Ideally seek the consent of the other parent to your proposed travel plans before you book but certainly do not leave it until the last minute to seek their agreement.

Always consider in advance whether any documents required to travel, such as passports or European health cards, will need to be exchanged between parents. Some countries will also require a signed letter of consent or parental consent affidavit (for example, South Africa) from the non-travelling parent.

Agree ways for the children to keep in touch with the other parent during the holidays – and encourage them to do so.”


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