30th June is World Social Media Day

30th June is World Social Media Day…

One of the biggest challenges I faced when I launched my divorce consultancy business, was how best to promote it. I created the business model from scratch (I basically made up what I do) and no one else was providing this type of service at the time. Whilst that was great from a no competition perspective, it made marketing it difficult as people wouldn’t know this type of business existed.

Social media has been a great marketing tool for me to showcase how I can help my clients at all the different stages of the divorce and separation process.

The next challenge was getting the tone of my posts and blogs right. Divorce is a very sensitive subject and it was important to me to get the correct tone to my message. I wanted to be clear that I understood how sensitive family breakdown is. 

Having worked hard to find the right tone to my message, I was THRILLED to win the gold award 🥇at the Surrey Digital Awards 2018 in March this year, for Use of Social Media for Business. AND then in May I was selected in the Top 10 UK Divorce Blogs to Follow in 2018 by FeedSpotBlog. All very exciting and it’s been lovely to get recognition for all my hard work. 🎉🎉🎉🎉.


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