How To Get Through Your Work Day When You’re Going Through Divorce

Getting on with normal life, such as going to work each day, can be particularly challenging for people going through divorce.

You may have days when you are feeling stressed, anxious or upset but the pressures of needing to maintain some normality as well as paying the bills, means that you have no choice but to continue to get up for work each day.



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Here are my practical tips on dealing with your workday itself:


1. Leave the divorce at home

This might sound easier said than done as it will be difficult to switch off thoughts and feelings. However, within work hours, it’s a good idea to put the divorce case to the back of your mind. You can use the working day as a good distraction from the thoughts and feelings about your divorce.


2. Be in control of your time

You may not be able to avoid your divorce altogether during work times as you may need to answer calls or messages from your divorce solicitor/mediator etc. However, take charge on when this takes place. Allocate certain times of the day to take calls or check messages and emails. This will avoid the divorce seeping into the whole of your day.


3. Choose carefully who you confide in

It’s a good idea not to tell too many people about what’s going on in your divorce. Whilst it’s always good to have a strong support system with friends and colleagues, you will also want the opportunity of being able to focus on your work during work hours and not to feel like you need to be constantly answering questions about updates in your situation. Choose carefully how much information you give people and, if need be, prepare a stock answer to tell people who ask you how you are.


4. Take time out

If you do start to struggle with your emotions during the work day, find a quiet area to catch your breath. Perhaps go for a little walk or make yourself a drink. Coming away from your desk can help break the cycle of your thought processes. Be kind to yourself.


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