My Number One Tip For Effective Communication

I talk about communication a lot in my work as a divorce consultant.

Good communication is crucial during a relationship break up, the divorce process and post divorce life if you have children.

I’ve been talking to my clients a lot lately about how to make sure their communication is effective.


My top tip for this is to decide clearly before you communicate what the purpose is behind the communication.

For example:

Are you providing information?

Are you asking for advice?

Are you giving instructions?

What do you want the person receiving the communication to do after they’ve read your email or finished the phone call with you?

Make it crystal clear.

If it’s not clear what the person is supposed to do, you may be disappointed with the response/ reaction.

It’s easy to get flustered during stressful times such as divorce, so give yourself time to catch your breath and take time to think through what, why and how you want to say something.

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