Do You Feel Like You’re Juggling Lots of Things in Your Life?

Do you feel like you’re juggling lots of things in your life at the moment?

Work, kids, money, relationships, health etc. are the usual suspects but what if you’re also going through divorce?

I think many of us can feel like we’re juggling the different parts of our lives at times….if not most of the time. Life can be very busy and we can feel like we’re being pulled in all different directions.

Sometimes we can feel really stretched and it can be overwhelming. This can have a knock on effect on us feeling stressed, exhausted and not able to function at our full potential.

Adding in a divorce can really tip the balance. With it comes it’s own set of things that can stretch you even further – dealing with correspondence from your solicitor/mediator, processing the emotions surrounding the relationship breakdown, making big and perhaps uncomfortable decisions. It is a busy and challenging time.

My tips are:

1. Take things steady – one step at a time. Slow down and catch your breath.

2. Prioritise – decide what needs your attention and when. Everything can feel important and urgent when we’re stressed. Try to get some perspective on what is necessary for you to put your time and energy into.

3. Try not to multi-task – you could end up not doing any one thing properly which could cost you more time in the long run.

4. Ask for help – don’t struggle alone. Reach out for help. Have a think about who could help you and with what.

I help my clients to manage their divorce process and personal lives – I do my best to keep them sane and on track with what needs to be done for them to feel on top of things.


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