What Support Can You Put In Place For Your Children During Divorce?

Many of my clients worry about how their children are coping with Mum and Dad’s divorce. The parents are going through something difficult themselves and get concerned about whether the children are getting enough help.

Whilst it is good to encourage the children to speak to their parents about their thoughts and feelings about the divorce, sometimes this doesn’t happen. It can be more comfortable for the children to talk to someone who isn’t Mum or Dad; someone slightly detached from the situation but who they feel comfortable with.

My 3 top tips to help your children through your divorce are:

  1. Children need time to process their feelings about their parents’ divorce and the impact this has on their own lives.
  2. Children of different ages and maturity will process their thoughts and feelings in  different ways.
  3. It helps to ensure the children have access to support from an adult they trust and can confide in about how they are managing Mum and Dad’s divorce. This could be a:
  • teacher
  • sports coach
  • favourite auntie
  • trusted godparent

or if needed a specialist professional counsellor.

There are lots of resources available to support children coping with their parents’ divorce, including; books, support groups and one to one counselling.

There are also similar resources available to help parents to support their children, through Mum and Dad’s divorce.

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