About Rhiannon

My background

I previously worked as a family law solicitor (under the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales) representing people dealing with all aspects of divorce, separation and children issues. I recognised that many clients could have benefited from an additional service which would provide practical help and emotional support. It’s a complex and emotionally difficult time.

I have left the legal profession, to concentrate solely on providing this valuable support system, complementing the service which is provided by family law solicitors and mediators.

Divorce consultancy

As a divorce coach and consultant, I provide practical help and emotional support to people struggling with divorce or separation; empowering them throughout the legal journey.

Using my legal background, I take the mystery out of the law and provide you with the understanding and guidance you need and deserve at this difficult time in your life. I provide clarity and comfort; clarity in understanding the legal process and comfort through an empathetic understanding of your situation.

Practical and emotional support when you need it

I provide important practical assistance and helpful suggestions so you have the tools necessary to cope with each stage of the legal process. This will enable you to feel more prepared, more confident and more in control, whilst at the same time keeping legal costs to a minimum. I coach you through the different stages of the legal process, working in conjunction with your family law solicitor. Throughout your legal journey, I also provide much needed and deserved comfort, with an empathetic understanding of your situation and emotional support for the challenges you are facing.

I am confident I can reduce the time, money and most importantly stress for you whilst you are going through divorce or separation.

How we work together

The majority of my work comes to me through direct referrals from previous clients who have benefited from my understanding, guidance and support. I also receive referrals from family law solicitors and mediators who want their clients to benefit from some additional support which complements the service they provide.

I take a friendly and practical approach. You can speak to me openly, in complete confidence and in a comfortable environment. I work at your convenience with face to face meetings, Skype, telephone calls and emails.

I am based in Walton on Thames in Surrey and most of my clients are located in Surrey, London and Sussex. I also have clients in other parts of England and Wales and work we do together can be done via telephone, email and Skype.

I am an affiliate member of Resolution, committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes.


“Clarity and comfort through a difficult time.”