image of woman sitting on benchPost-Divorce

When your divorce is over

It is not uncommon to feel a little lost when the legal case first finishes.

You have been running on adrenaline through the legal process, having to deal with solicitors etc.image of woman sitting on bench

Then the case finishes, the solicitor’s involvement ends and you are left on your own to rebuild your life.

It is only now you have the opportunity to grieve the end of your relationship and come to terms with the changes in your life. Only then, can you start planning for your future.

How I help you post-divorce

Unlike the solicitor or mediator, my role does not necessarily come to an end when the divorce has been finalised and the financial order made. I am still available to continue to help and support my clients through this transitional period. The terms of the financial agreement need to be put in place and you may also benefit from ongoing support whilst you process your feelings about the end of your marriage and take steps to move forward with your life.

Here are some of the main types of work I do with clients post-divorce:


Practical help regarding the financial order

Once you have the financial court order, the solicitor’s involvement will soon be coming to an end. Putting in place the terms of the financial agreement will be mainly up to you and your ex spouse. There are likely to be other professionals involved to assist with the formal matters – e.g. lawyers to take conduct of any property sale/transfer and financial advisors to put in place any pension orders etc.

Outside of this, there will still be quite a bit that you will need to take responsibility for, e.g. closing bank accounts, transferring money etc. This may feel a little daunting particularly if you were not the money manager in the marriage, or perhaps your feelings towards your ex are still quite raw and you are concerned about liaising with them directly (now the solicitors are not involved) and/or you are feeling quite exhausted now the formal legal process has come to an end.

I can provide practical help and support at this important stage to help you organise and action the steps needed to ensure the financial order is put into effect. You don’t have to do it alone.


Coaching support to help you through this transitional period

Whilst the solicitor’s role has come to an end, I can continue to support you. Your time and energies are no longer consumed by thinking about the divorce which gives you space to catch your breath after this challenging time in your life. Everyone recovers from their divorce experience in their own time and in their own way. There is no special formula and no expectation to have “moved on” within any set time-frame. This is your life and you will move forward at your own pace.

Our coaching sessions can help you to feel supported whilst you navigate through this big life change. Then, when you feel comfortable we can also start to think about what plans you would like to make to help you feel more positive about moving forward from your divorce.

Our focus will be on helping you to work through what you want to bring in to your life and then how best to achieve this. I will be looking to help you plan for a happy future and to not let your divorce experience hold you back.


“Rhiannon has been a great support. Despite the legal case being over I was still having problems with my ex-wife. My son means the world to me and it was imperative that my ex did not cause problems for me spending time with him. My emotions got in the way of me communicating successfully with my ex-wife and Rhiannon provided sound advice and guidance whilst always remaining empathetic and understanding about my situation.” – DG from Cambridge