What Are the Different Types of Counselling? – Hear from a therapist…

In Part 1, experienced therapist Wendy Capewell set out the benefits of counselling. Here in Part 2, she will explain the different types of counselling techniques available…

“So let’s now look at some of the many types of therapies out there. I am not going to go through them all as there are a vast number and some are very similar and overlap.  If you want to find out more then you will find a link at the end of..

Why is breathing properly important during stressful times?

In my work as a divorce consultant I meet people who are in lots of different emotional states. I often notice that when a client is anxious, they take a sudden fast intake of breath and seem to be breathing very shallowly. This is a sign of stress and anxiety which is very common during divorce.

However, it is very important for them to address this and working on their breathing alone can greatly reduce the symptoms of anxiety;..

The Importance of Self Care: What is it and why is it important?

Through my work as a divorce consultant, as see my role as not just to provide help with the practical side of the divorce process but also to provide much needed support through this difficult time in my clients’ lives.

As such, I talk a great deal to them about the importance of taking good care of themselves.

It is always important to take good care of ourselves and this is particularly the case during the more challenging times in..

How To Create A Self Care Practice

I regularly ask my clients what they’ve been doing towards their self care. The response I often receive is that they are too busy and don’t have time to think about adding extra activities in to their lives and/or would feel guilty if they took time out for themselves.

I think these feelings are common but at the same time, we need to all appreciate how important it is to be taking good care of ourselves – our mental,..

Feeling overwhelmed with your To Do list? Try this simple technique…

Most of us feel a little overwhelmed at times with what seems like an enormous amount of jobs we need to get done in a short space of time. We all know time management is key.

However, this is sometimes easier said than done when stress levels are running high during divorce and everything feels urgent.

Sometimes it’s the amount of items on our list that makes us feel overwhelmed and sometimes it’s the items themselves that make us feel..

Coping With The Stress Of Discovering Your Partner’s Infidelity

Discovering your partner has been unfaithful in some way can be the worst thing imaginable for many people.

The shock and perhaps panic is very difficult to deal with and this could lead to you feeling like you are spinning out of control under the stress.

Here are some tips for how best to manage your stress:


Be aware of your symptoms – e.g. problems sleeping, being tearful, difficulty making decisions, unexpected anger, loss of appetite,..

3 Steps To Take When Your Partner Is Having An Affair

3 Important first steps to take when you find out your partner is having an affair:

Don’t panic and stay calm

Ask yourself some important questions: Do you know for sure that your spouse is having an affair? What exactly made you feel suspicious? Did you find out some information yourself, or did someone tell you something to make you concerned? If so, is that source reliable?

Don’t rush in to making any allegations against your spouse; wait until..

10 Tips For When You Discover Your Partner Is Having An Affair


Your first reaction to the discovery of your partner cheating on you is most probably shock.

What action you choose to take next, is very important.

You will want to avoid making the situation worse and should always make informed decisions about your next move.



These are the first steps I recommend you take when you find out (or are suspicious) that your partner is having an affair:


Don’t panic

– keep calm and take..

Tips For Coping With Relationship Difficulty

When your relationship is having problems, it is important to take good care of yourself to help keep stress levels to a minimum. This in turn helps give you the energy reserves to deal with the difficulties you are facing and enables you to gain more clarity about your situation and the options available to you.

Here are my top tips for staying healthy:


Get plenty of sleep – Emotional stress is exhausting and you may need more sleep..