Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about my work as a divorce consultant:

1.What is a divorce coach/consultant?

I provide specialist support and guidance to people before, during and after their divorce/separation. My clients come to me at the beginning of their divorce journey, I assess their situation and then facilitate putting the right resources, professionals and processes in place for them, supporting them along the way. I also help my clients with issues they don’t need to use their solicitor for, saving them time and money on legal costs.


2. How is a divorce coach/consultant different to a lawyer?

A divorce solicitor (i.e. lawyer) provides legal advice and representation to their client through the legal case. A divorce coach guides and supports you with all the issues involved in your divorce, not just legal ones. The work we do together is solution focused and I can help you to make strong informed decisions.

3. Do you give legal advice?

No, I don’t provide formal legal advice. However, I can explain legal information and processes as well as translating legal jargon. Your solicitor’s role is to provide you with legal advice.

4. How would you help me when I’ve made the decision to get a divorce? 

Some examples of the help I can give at this stage are:

  • Listening to your story to provide emotional support for your circumstances
  • Providing legal information and options
  • Explaining legal processes
  • Helping create an action plan for your next steps

5. How would you help once I’m in the legal process?

I can:

  • Help you complete legal forms
  • Explain legal jargon in plain English
  • Prepare you for meetings/mediation and/or attending court
  • Accompany you to court and meetings
  • Guide you to communicate effectively with your solicitor and your ex
  • Support you with practical and personal non-legal issues

6. How would you help once my divorce has finished?

I can:

  • Provide practical help to implement the financial order
  • Give coaching support to help you through the transitional period

7. What is your background?

I am an ex divorce solicitor. Then, after leaving private practice, I undertook some training to become a personal development coach. I have a total of over 20 years’ experience in working with people going through divorce or separation.

8. Can you help me with Form E (i.e. financial disclosure information)?

Yes, I can. I can explain what and how to collect the particular financial information you need as well as providing you with practical help to complete the Form itself. This also includes help with the Expenses Form (Income Needs Schedule).


9. Can you work with both of the couple?

No, I only work with one person in the couple.

10. Are you a mediator? 

No, that is a different role. Mediators work with the couple together to facilitate discussions between them to help reach a settlement regarding financial and sometimes children issues.

11. Are you a counsellor?

No, I am not a counsellor. A divorce coach/consultant focuses on the present and the future whereas a therapist focuses on the past and the present. I provide support through solution-focused coaching. However, if I feel my client could benefit from additional help from a counsellor, I can refer to someone appropriate.

12. Can you work with people outside the UK?

Yes, provided the divorce is to take place under the legal jurisdiction of England and Wales.

13. Where would our meetings take place?

For the first meeting, I prefer to meet face to face and I am based in Surrey. But if geography doesn’t allow us to meet in person, I can also work via Skype and Facetime. For ongoing work, I also provide telephone meetings and email support.