“Should I Tell My Children That Their Other Parent Cheated?”

I met with a new client today who asked a common question – “Rhiannon, should I tell the children that my wife is in a new relationship and that’s why we are separating? I don’t want to lie to them or risk my relationship with them in the future if they find out I knew and didn’t tell them.”

My advice is always – No.

The children don’t need to know (at the moment at least). Children should be given..

What Are the Different Types of Counselling? – Hear from a therapist…

In Part 1, experienced therapist Wendy Capewell set out the benefits of counselling. Here in Part 2, she will explain the different types of counselling techniques available…

“So let’s now look at some of the many types of therapies out there. I am not going to go through them all as there are a vast number and some are very similar and overlap.  If you want to find out more then you will find a link at the end of..

What Are the Benefits of Counselling During Divorce?

Whilst my work as a divorce consultant does include providing emotional support to my clients, I am not a therapist. And when I recognise that a particular client requires specialist help, I recommend they seek support from a qualified counsellor.

It is important to me that my clients have a good support team around them whilst they navigate through their divorce. This includes having the right professionals in place to help with particular issues.

Wendy Capewell is an experienced relationship..

8 Types of Affair And How They Can Affect Your Marriage

I work with many clients whose relationship difficulties have been contributed to by “inappropriate extra-marital relationships”.

In my other blog Not All Affairs End In Divorce, I talk about how not all “cheating” leads to the end of a marriage. I do know of couples who have survived cheating but this is not always possible and everyone’s situation is completely different. 

Andrew G. Marshall, in his book “How Can I Ever Trust You Again?” advises that when someone..

How To Talk To Your Spouse When You Think They May Have Cheated

Don’t rush in to the first conversation you have with your spouse when you think they have cheated on you. How you approach this first discussion could have an important impact on how things work out for not only the conversation but also the future survival of the relationship.

At a time when you may well feel like everything is spinning out of control, making a clear action plan for your discussion with your spouse, could help you obtain some..

10 Tips For When You Discover Your Partner Is Having An Affair


Your first reaction to the discovery of your partner cheating on you is most probably shock.

What action you choose to take next, is very important.

You will want to avoid making the situation worse and should always make informed decisions about your next move.



These are the first steps I recommend you take when you find out (or are suspicious) that your partner is having an affair:


Don’t panic

– keep calm and take..

broken heartAre You Worried That Your Spouse Is Cheating On You?

As a divorce consultant, I often get asked what the most common reason is for people to get divorced. Most people presume it is infidelity.

In fact, statistics tell us that the most common ground for divorce in England and Wales at the moment is what is called unreasonable behaviour“. Here the person wanting the divorce sets out various different reasons why they have decided to get a divorce. However, spouses having affairs is still a common ground for divorce.