10 Steps to help you prepare for your FDR Hearing: Advice from a divorce consultant

What is a FDR in a divorce case?

An FDR is a Financial Dispute Resolution hearing.

In short, it is a day of negotiating, with the aim of reaching a financial settlement. Also, the judge at the FDR, can give guidance on what financial settlement they would order if they were the deciding judge at the Final Hearing. This can be very helpful to assist each party to have realistic expectations for the outcome of the financial agreement, in..

Worried About Going to Court? Here Is How A Divorce Consultant Can Help

Your legal team will have advised you on all the different options available for approaching the resolution of your family finances. (For more information on this, see my blog – How Do I Approach Getting a Financial Agreement in My Divorce).

Whilst many clients are keen to avoid going to court as they worry it will be expensive and stressful, sometimes it is the right decision to issue court proceedings.

This may be for various reasons. For example –


The Benefits of Going To Court to Get a Financial Settlement

The topics covered so far in this week’s blog campaign come under the heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution. They are processes available to help the divorcing couple reach an amicable settlement regarding finances (and children). Reaching an agreement is in the best interests of the couple and can also involve a big saving on legal costs. However, sometimes there is no alternative but to apply to the court to resolve the dispute.

A Divorce Consultant’s Tips for Giving Evidence in the Family Court

There is no denying it; the thought of being questioned in a witness box can be scary stuff. It is all very well providing your solicitor with information to put in a written statement, but a different story altogether when you are to be asked to speak in court and answer questions.