Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy Included in Top 10 UK Divorce Blogs to Follow

On 30th May 2018, I was informed that Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy had been selected as part of the Top 10 UK Divorce Blogs to Follow in 2018.

I was absolutely delighted and was given the lovely badge opposite to display on my website.

I regularly publish new blogs to keep my website content fresh and informative; covering lots of different topics as well as the different stages of the divorce and separation process.

I enjoy blogging and it..

Why is breathing properly important during stressful times?

In my work as a divorce consultant I meet people who are in lots of different emotional states. I often notice that when a client is anxious, they take a sudden fast intake of breath and seem to be breathing very shallowly. This is a sign of stress and anxiety which is very common during divorce.

However, it is very important for them to address this and working on their breathing alone can greatly reduce the symptoms of anxiety;..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs C’s Story

One of the lovely clients I’m working with at the moment, has agreed to share the personal story of her divorce journey so far and the work we are doing together to help her navigate through this challenging time in her life.

To protect her identity, I am not sharing her photo or using her real name.

One of the things I enjoy about meetings with my clients, is that I sometimes get to meet their dogs. The image..

Tips From A Divorce Consultant About Family Law Mediation

Mediation has become increasingly popular over the last few years as an option for resolving both financial and children matters when a couple separate.

In 2014, it became law in England and Wales for couples to attend mediation prior to them being allowed to issue court proceedings, if their case got to that stage.



See my blog How to Reach a Financial Settlement Through Mediation to find out more about how it works.


Here are my personal..

What Have the Brexit Negotiations and Getting Divorced Got in Common?

You’d struggle to live in the United Kingdom at the moment and not be well aware of the Brexit negotiations and that the UK is leaving the EU after being a member for 44yrs. Wikipedia’s definition of Brexit is:

“Brexit is the popular term for the United Kingdom’s intended withdrawal from the European Union. In a UK referendum on 23 June 2016, 51.9% voted to leave the EU.”

Now, I am far from being a political person and have..

How to handle difficult conversations during divorce

Going through divorce can involve a variety of tricky conversations. For example, once you have made the decision to divorce, you will need to decide how best to communicate your decision to your spouse and then to your children.

It can be difficult to know where to start with such challenging conversations and you will no doubt be concerned about getting it right for them and you.

Whilst there is no perfect collection of words, it is important to..

The Divorce Danger Zone

What is the danger zone during a divorce?

This is when you are feeling emotionally(and perhaps financially) spent with the legal proceedings, but are still stuck in the negotiations for a financial settlement.

You have had enough and want all of the legal proceedings to be over.

You desperately want to be the other side of this difficult time in your life.

How will you know if you are in the danger zone?

Are you feeling under pressure to agree..

How To Stay Sane During Your Divorce

Divorce and separation is a very difficult time. It’s important to take good care of yourself to help keep stress levels to a minimum. This in turn helps give you the energy reserves to deal with the changes in your life as well as the legal case. 

Here are my top tips for staying sane: