The End of the Blame Game in Divorce

On Tuesday 9th April 2019 the Justice Secretary announced that divorcing couples will no longer have to appoint blame on their spouse in their divorce application.

There are to be changes made to the divorce law in England and Wales “to help reduce family conflict”.

The present law has been in place for 50 years and desperately needed updating. Today’s announcement is fantastic news after years of tireless campaigning by Resolution a national organisation of divorce professionals, to..

Does Our Law Reflect Changes in Our Family Units? Hear from a family law solicitor…

Families come in all shapes and sizes but does our law around families reflect this?

In this guest blog, hear from Rachel Lemon who is a Partner in the Family Team at Mundays LLP and heads up the firm’s modern families sector. Rachel explains the present law around modern families and identifies where more changes are needed…


On an equal footing?

Changes in society mean that the law must change in order to keep up. A prime example of this..

A Divorce Consultant’s Views on No Fault Divorce

Here are my personal views on the no fault divorce campaign in England and Wales…

What are the Grounds for Divorce in England and Wales?

To make an application for divorce in England and Wales a person needs to show the court that the marriage has “irretrievably broken down“. To do this, they have to choose one of 5 factors. In short, if the couple have not been living apart for at least two years, there are only two..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs C’s Story

One of the lovely clients I’m working with at the moment, has agreed to share the personal story of her divorce journey so far and the work we are doing together to help her navigate through this challenging time in her life.

To protect her identity, I am not sharing her photo or using her real name.

One of the things I enjoy about meetings with my clients, is that I sometimes get to meet their dogs. The image..

The Benefits of Going To Court to Get a Financial Settlement

The topics covered so far in this week’s blog campaign come under the heading of Alternative Dispute Resolution. They are processes available to help the divorcing couple reach an amicable settlement regarding finances (and children). Reaching an agreement is in the best interests of the couple and can also involve a big saving on legal costs. However, sometimes there is no alternative but to apply to the court to resolve the dispute.