What is Family Law Mediation? Hear from a mediator…

There are several different ways a couple could choose to negotiate their financial agreement and parenting plan in divorce. A popular method is mediation. In this guest blog, hear from experienced family law mediator Louisa Whitney about the benefits of mediation and when to consider using it:

What is family mediation?

“Family mediation brings together a couple who are separating to talk through what happens next with the help of a trained family mediator.  Mediators are trained in all..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Provide Support: Mrs W’s Story

A lovely client of mine has agreed to share her story of the work we have done together.

She has, for several years, been the only breadwinner in the family as her husband has chosen to stop working. Unfortunately, he is a bully and when the client first came to me, she had been struggling with his controlling behaviour for a long time.

We have worked together to provide her with a strong support system and guidance in how..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help During The Mediation Process

If you have agreed to use the family law mediation process, hopefully you are feeling fairly optimistic that with the help of the family law mediator, you and your spouse will be able to reach an amicable agreement on the financial issues(and perhaps children issues if you are using mediation for children matters).

The mediator will have explained to you both that the only people at the mediation sessions are you, your spouse and the mediator. Neither solicitor will be..

How To Prepare For Your Family Law Mediation Sessions

It’s very important for you to feel as prepared as possible for your mediation sessions.

This will help with both your confidence and will keep you calm as well as ensuring that the mediation sessions are as productive as possible.


My top tips for preparing are as follows:


Make sure you have thought through how you will feel about negotiating with your spouse and talk through with your divorce coach how best to approach this and how to..

How To Reach A Financial Settlement Through Mediation

Where the separating couple are luckily enough to still be communicating well and are confident they can reach an amicable agreement, mediation may be an appropriate route for them to resolve their financial and/or children issues. Whilst I am a great supporter of the mediation process, it is not appropriate for all of my clients. I am always a little nervous of clients who wish to use mediation only because they have heard it could save them lots of money..