Moving On From Divorce: Hear from Aly about her journey…

Divorce is a big life transition and the end of the legal case is only the close of one part of the journey. Once you have your financial order and Decree Absolute, it is then time to embark on the first steps of your newly divorced life. This can feel daunting.

In my role as a divorce consultant, I have the opportunity to continue to work with my clients after their divorce case has completed. I can help with lots..

5 Ways To Stop Your Past From Controlling Your Future

Whilst going through their divorce, many of my clients worry about how they will be able to move on from the distress and upset of their marriage breakdown. Getting the right support in place during your divorce can make a positive difference to not only how you manage the divorce process but how well you are able to start to recover from it afterwards. In my role as a divorce consultant, I can provide practical help and coaching support..

5 Tips For Dating After Divorce

Dating after divorce may feel like a minefield. You may have been with your spouse for many years and so have been out of the “dating game” for quite some time. You may not know where to start with meeting someone new and/or may not yet have quite clear idea of the type of person you are looking to meet.

Here are my top 5 tips for dating after divorce:

1. Decide carefully if you’re ready

Recovering from..

How To Take Control Of Your Finances Post-Divorce

Implement the terms of the financial order

It goes without saying that getting your financial court order is not quite the end of the divorce case.

There is still work to be done, in complying with the terms of the order.

Check through the court order carefully and make sure you know what, how and when everything needs to be done. For example….

Do you need to arrange for the family home to be sold, or transferred in to..

How A Divorce Consultant Can Help You After Your Divorce

It is not uncommon to feel a little lost when the legal case first finishes. You have been running on adrenaline through the legal process, having to deal with solicitors etc. Then the case finishes, the solicitor’s involvement ends and you are left on your own to rebuild your life. It is only now you have the opportunity to grieve the end of your relationship and come to terms with the changes in your life. Only then, can you start..

notebook and pen with cup of teaWhy Is Making A Will So Important When You Get Divorced?

This is a guest blog from Tamsyn Ward, an experienced Wills and Probate solicitor. Tamsyn explains here how important it is for people going through divorce to have a Will and also to review your existing Will…

“You would be forgiven for wanting to get away from all things legal once your divorce has finalised, but before you do, thought should be given to making a new Will which reflects your new circumstances.

Here are 7 reasons..

hand counting coinsWhy Having A Financial Plan is Important Post Divorce

This guest blog is from Steve Hennessy, a Chartered Financial Planner with Myers Davidson Ginger Ltd. Steve explains here the benefits of financial planning and how it is important for those having gone through divorce…. “It can be hard not to lose sight of what really matters when life throws up a big challenge. Having a Financial Plan will help you protect your Future Self, and bring shape to your present financial choices.