How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Mrs H’s Story


Mrs H kindly agreed to answer some questions about the work we have been doing together and her journey so far, which we hope will help explain how working with a divorce consultant can help before and during your divorce.

Her name is disguised and I have not used her photo, to protect her identity.


Here is Mrs H’s story in her own words….

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in..

6 Considerations If You Are Thinking About A Trial Separation

All relationships have their ups and downs and most couples face challenges in their relationship at different points along the way. This is quite normal. How these challenges are faced can make a difference to the future of the relationship and some but not all may be overcome.

For those trying their best to navigate through the difficult times, it can be uncomfortable to face the possibility that your relationship may have run its course and might need to end.


How to handle difficult conversations during divorce

Going through divorce can involve a variety of tricky conversations. For example, once you have made the decision to divorce, you will need to decide how best to communicate your decision to your spouse and then to your children.

It can be difficult to know where to start with such challenging conversations and you will no doubt be concerned about getting it right for them and you.

Whilst there is no perfect collection of words, it is important to..

How To Tell Your Spouse You Want A Divorce

There is no magic formula to this. My tips are based on how best to avoid unnecessary hurt and upset with this very difficult conversation. You may have decided you want a divorce, but hopefully you still care about your spouse enough to be considerate about their feelings.

Approaching things in a respectful and constructive manner will also help minimise the stress and costs involved in formalising your separation.

Here are my top tips for how best to approach..

calendar marking divorce dayJanuary was “divorce month” but were you ready to get a divorce?

The first working day in January has been named Divorce Day and the month of January, Divorce Month. During this time, many divorce professionals receive an increase in enquiries from new clients, who are considering separation/divorce.

However, often the client is neither emotionally or physically ready to embark on the legal process, when they make their first appointment with a solicitor. That’s where I can help.

Having previously worked as a family law solicitor, I understand the legal process involved..

Should I Get A Divorce?

In my experience, it is rare for people to find the decision to divorce straightforward. Most people find the decision making excruciatingly difficult. No one asks to find themselves in an unhappy marriage.

Whatever the circumstances of the breakdown of the marriage, it is impossible to just switch off your feelings for your spouse, feelings which have built up over perhaps many years.

It takes time to clarify your thoughts,..