Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials


The best people to explain how I can assist and support you during your divorce journey, are my clients….


“The breakdown of my marriage and the realisation that I know very little about divorce. I was also in a vulnerable place yet needed to do the best for the children. Rhiannon’s services were just what I need going forwards. I needed help in understanding the process of the divorce and how I can effectively communicate with the solicitors. Rhiannon helped me to pick the solicitor most suited for me going into the divorce.

She was great in helping me to understand what mediation is about and how I can best represent myself in mediation. She was very clear yet sympathetic in how I can best do that at the mediation meetings that I have.

Rhiannon has helped me to communicate effectively with my solicitor so they can act effectively in my best interest. She has helped me to understand what my legal position is as far as the arrangement for my children is concerned and how I can do the best for them.

If you are heading to a divorce and you want to do the best for your children and want practical guidance on the divorce process then working with Rhiannon will be of great help to you. I really appreciate her expert knowledge and the sympathetic way she works with her clients.”

Mr T from Ascot


“I contacted Rhiannon because I’d seen her at a networking event and heard her describe her service.  I remembered thinking at the time that this was the person I could trust and would want to talk to if I ever needed to get divorced.  When I’d decided that I had to seriously consider divorce, I got in touch with her.

In particular, I wanted to tell my story to someone who didn’t know me but who was also a professional to see whether I had a case or not. And then I wanted an objective idea as to whether it was reasonable to go ahead with the divorce.  Rhiannon was incredibly helpful in providing this. The practical solutions offered, one tiny step at a time, to make a start resolving a very difficult situation. Rhiannon has helped me understand the process, so that, each stage as it arrived, seemed less daunting.  I feel that she’s done a great job in preparing me for each step.

It’s been great having Rhiannon as somebody to talk things through when it’s tough and tricky.  She also has helped me see things in perspective and she is most encouraging! I would strongly recommend that they invested the time to talk things through with Rhiannon.  Her expertise and experience means that she can give really valuable insight and advice at an early stage.”

DS from Surrey


“From the moment I met Rhiannon I felt at ease, felt understood and felt I could be completely open and honest without being judged. Rhiannon had been recommended by a trusted friend as someone who might personalise the hideous situation I found myself in and help me navigate my way through an incredibly difficult  journey. From beginning to end, she listened, often for long periods and showed enormous empathy. She structured her directed suggestions with care not to over load and she understood when I felt overwhelmed and out of my depth. She offered to deal with things if I couldn’t and supported me in my choice of solicitor. Rhiannon attended court hearings and was an invaluable support…..I completely respected her frank and honest thoughts as well as encouragement and guidance. I worked with Rhiannon for well over 2 years, the worst 2 years of my life. She has witnessed my anger, frustration, tears and more recently, renewed laughter. The divorce process is scary and incredibly emotional. She is outstanding in every regard and I would encourage anyone boarding this journey to take her with you.

After my divorce was finalised and reality/norm sank in Rhiannon continued to make contact. I felt low and exhausted but she had prepared me for this. A year on and my confidence is beginning to return. I have two incredible children who have both struggled immensely, but they have both secured places at top independent schools and our home is sometimes full of the laughter it once was.

Rhiannon is more than a divorce coach, I would consider her my friend. I can’t thank her enough for helping me through a very dark time.”

CJ from Surrey


“With Rhiannon’s legal background and training, considerable relationship expertise and her warmth, openness and empathy, you have one of the best options available to help you through one of the toughest things you’ll ever do.”

SP from Blackpool

“Rhiannon was recommended to me by a friend when I was first considering separating from my husband (something I was struggling a great deal to reach a conclusion about). She was extremely clear and efficient from the first, as well as friendly, approachable and confidence-inspiring, helping me to organise my thoughts and making me aware of all the relevant aspects of the situation.  As the situation at home developed, Rhiannon helped me find the best and most productive way to broach my decision with my husband, maintaining a clear focus on keeping the heat out of the situation and minimising conflict, while achieving my goal.

I have no doubt that Rhiannon’s involvement from early on enabled us both to navigate the divorce process relatively smoothly, ultimately maintaining a surprisingly amicable relationship. Rhiannon provided a good deal of support and information as the divorce process progressed (as well as legal documents and other short-cuts to potentially lengthy and expensive dealings with lawyers) explaining everything clearly and concisely along the way. This undoubtedly helped us to minimise lawyer input and thus to reduce the legal costs of the divorce substantially. In addition, Rhiannon was always highly responsive and accommodating, with all our work together following our initial meeting conducted over the telephone or via email. I have now recommended Rhiannon to a number of friends, confident that she would be of enormous practical and emotional assistance and support to anyone going through or considering a divorce, at whatever stage in the process they may be.”

VG from London

“Rhiannon was really helpful at guiding me through the different stages of the divorce process by giving me practical advice. She had a pragmatic and supportive approach and this was exactly what I needed at that time. Rhiannon was also very effective at helping me regain confidence and self-esteem by providing me with some excellent one to one coaching. This enabled me to put plans in place and ultimately made a big difference to my life. My wife and I have now reconciled and I am happy again.”

VM from Surrey

“As my Decree Nisi arrived this week I was engulfed in all sorts of emotions that Rhiannon had so precisely and gently attempted to prepare me for. Her practical and emotional support has enabled me to make informed and emotionally intelligent decisions about my divorce. No two divorces are the same and as lovely as the solicitors are (and the one she recommended is) they don’t provide quite the same emotional support and preparation as she can. Thank you, Rhiannon. I could not have come this far without you.”

DC from Surrey

“Getting a divorce is very intimidating. It’s mostly unchartered territory for the emotional client.Having to understand the legal process, the technical jargon, and the dreaded financial form E is a solace and stressful experience and the solicitor’s role is not geared to providing the full support required. This is where Rhiannon is invaluable. Her legal background means that she understands the process and so is able to simplify all the jargon, give help with the forms and relevant advice. Importantly she provides emotional support and encouragement which helps the client to move forward. Clients love her because she explains everything simply, guides them efficiently and with all the help and understanding they need. Solicitors welcome her because her involvement ensures that the client is well prepared which makes the whole process more efficient. This ultimately saves on costs too. Rhiannon has been a life saver and her skills are extraordinary. Anyone getting a divorce needs her essential services!”

NM From Surrey

“I didn’t know the service Rhiannon offers existed, but I’m really glad I do now. I was in the ‘danger zone’. I’d been through mediation and had a drafted consent order, which I wasn’t happy with and didn’t completely understand, but my gut instinct told me it wasn’t right. I met with Rhiannon and she was able to not only support the emotional side of my divorce, but also the legal side. She explained things to me that no one else had and helped me to decide a new direction and how to achieve what I wanted. I wish I had known about Rhiannon before I went to mediation or instructed my legal team as I’m sure she would have been able to help me save money and achieve a much quicker and painless settlement. I have already recommended Rhiannon to friends and I strongly recommend if you’re considering a separation or divorce, you start here.”

JM from Surrey

“Rhiannon has been such a great help and support to me when my life was in complete turmoil due to my pending divorce. I really didn’t have a clue where to start but Rhiannon took me through the stages, step by step. She was also very understanding and gave good sound advice where the children were concerned. Meeting was never a problem as she was prepared to travel and was also very flexible with times. It has been a pleasure working with her.”

SF from Surrey

“When I first met Rhiannon I had no idea that I would ever need to use her services, but I did think that she was somebody I would be comfortable referring a friend in need to. So when, a year or so later, I was reeling from the shock of finding out that my own marriage was ending, I contacted Rhiannon and immediately started working with her. Rhiannon was such a calming influence in those panicky early days, she slowed me down, and gave me time to take in all the massive changes that were coming thick and fast, telling me I could take this at my own pace.
And she was right, it could wait until I was ready emotionally to deal with the legal implications. And when the time was right to start progressing this, she explained everything to me as many times as was necessary for me to take it in. I am now progressing through my divorce, and looking forward with confidence to my future, as Rhiannon continues to coach me every step of the way.
I didn’t expect to find anything very funny in this situation, but Rhiannon and I have really laughed in our meetings, and she has passed me a tissue when I have cried. I have a lot to thank Rhiannon for, and she has supported me not just through the legal steps, but also in my principal goal, of getting through this with my own self-respect intact.”

AR from Surrey

“Rhiannon played such an important role when she supported my brother after he separated from his wife. Rhiannon provided us all with encouragement and sound advice at such a difficult time. My brother was then equipped with the tools he needed to make some very important decisions and Rhiannon helped him see the wood from the trees. Although the family didn’t meet Rhiannon we all benefited from her calm and reassuring support.”

RN from Surrey

“Rhiannon has played an invaluable role throughout my divorce journey, not least by helping me to remain sane and calm during periods of great difficulty. Her professional skills as a Family Lawyer combined with her compassionate, empathetic and positive emotional support have helped me to not only understand better the divorce process itself, and the importance of my role within it, but has also given me the confidence and self-belief to see beyond the divorce and face an uncertain future without fear of what it may hold.”

AG from Surrey

“Rhiannon was a rational, practical and realistic voice providing reassurance which helped strengthen me in times of confusion and emotional need. A good listener, with an ability to retain detail, and with the benefit of her legal background, she provided different perspectives, while remaining supportive through the divorce process.”

AL from Surrey

“The support and professional advice that Rhiannon has given me helped enormously in understanding the processes of going through a divorce, giving me the strength and most importantly the knowledge required to be able to deal with such a devastating change of life, which came as a complete surprise! Rhiannon was so organized, totally informed and reassuring, giving me the confidence to work through Mediation and ultimately come through it with dignity, but crucially with a future that I was able to negotiate with calmness and control. I am so grateful to her and would recommend her most highly.”

HL from Surrey

To find out more information about how I may be able to help and support you through this difficult time, please get in touch via my Contact page or telephone me on 07970 231744. Please don’t struggle alone. Divorce and separation is a challenging time. I’m here to help.