Client Case Studies

Client Case Studies


“A” from Surrey

The client had been unhappy in her marriage for a long time and was confused about whether she wanted to separate. She was a private person and did not discuss personal issues with friends or family but recognised she needed help and support:

“After finding myself at an unexpected crossroads in my marriage, I felt in need of some professional guidance, however, at this point I was not ready to consult with a solicitor. I was then fortunate enough to be put in touch with Rhiannon through a close friend. Rhiannon has provided me with invaluable, empathetic guidance. She has enabled me to take stock, examine my options and has helped me to consider the best way to navigate through my situation. After meeting with Rhiannon, I feel more empowered and confident, which in turn will help with making all the important decisions I now have to make going forward.”

Our work together included:

  • Providing her with a safe, confidential and non-judgemental environment for her to talk about her feelings
  • Answering burning questions which were causing her anxiety
  • Discussing options available to her, both practical and legal to provide her with choices
  • Providing a sounding board for decision-making to help her clarify her thoughts
  • Advising on considerations for the children, if she were to decide to separate



“Mr M” from Surrey

The client had just discovered his wife was having an affair. He felt completely overwhelmed and confused about what to do. He needed guidance regarding his options and emotional support to help him cope with his life being turned upside down:

“Rhiannon is the best! My divorce from my wife had shattered my way of life and I found myself overwhelmed with very complex decisions. With professional guidance from Rhiannon I was able to cope with the “melt down” and see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. I would recommend Rhiannon’s divorce consultancy services to anyone who needs an expert in dealing with real family issues.”

Our work together included:

  • Providing information about his options regarding a separation and divorce
  • Guidance for approaching arrangements for the children
  • Assisting with preparation of his Financial Statement (Form E)
  • Tips on how to find the right solicitor for him
  • Preparing him for his first meeting with the solicitor and then the mediator



“L” from London

The client had been living apart from her husband for some time and needed to formalise the separation. She was looking for guidance regarding the legal process and tips on how to save money on legal costs:

“At a time of such confusion, stress and uncertainty it was an absolute relief to receive such sound guidance and support from Rhiannon which not only made sense of the legal processes but offered a great source of comfort and clarity. I couldn’t recommend this service more strongly.”

Our work together included:

    • De-mystifying the law with straightforward explanations of the legal process
    • Guidance about the different steps to take to formalise a separation
    • Reassurance and understanding of the client’s difficult situation
    • Tips on saving money on legal costs and how to make the most of her solicitor



“S” from Kent

The client was unsure about whether to divorce or attempt to reconcile with her husband. She was concerned about her young children and the impact on them of a separation. She needed to understand her options and talk through her concerns but was not ready to see a solicitor:

“I was put in touch with Rhiannon recently following unhappy revelations in my marriage. I met with Rhiannon and she explained all the legal jargon in a way that was clear and easy to follow. I felt at ease despite my personal unhappiness and Rhiannon was sensitive yet thorough. I have had follow up phone calls that have again been useful in saving me time and money with a solicitor. Rhiannon is easy to talk to and extremely informative and I will continue to call upon her if I proceed with a divorce at a later date”.

Our work together included:

  • Emotional support and understanding of the client’s thoughts and feelings
  • Discussing considerations for the children if she were to separate
  • Straightforward information about her options
  • Help finding her the right solicitor
  • Preparing her for the first meeting with her solicitor



“P” from Cardiff

The client had been married for 35 years and was struggling with the emotional, practical and legal implications of her divorce. She was finding the legal process overwhelming and needed a calm and steady hand to guide her through:

“Rhiannon was a huge help in getting me through a difficult time. I very much appreciated the sympathetic manner coupled with a real understanding of the practicalities involved. As a result, I was in a far better position to understand and assimilate advice from my solicitor.”

Our work together included:

  • Assisting with the preparation of her Financial Statement
  • Providing a sounding board for decision making regarding her financial settlement
  • Guidance to manage the client’s relationship with her solicitor and help communicating her instructions
  • Practical help to put in place the terms of the financial order
  • Post-divorce coaching to help the client make plans to move forward with her life



“N” from Surrey

N wanted to help her mother through her second divorce and recognised she may need support in addition to that provided by a solicitor:

“Rhiannon was on hand to help my mum through a difficult and painful second divorce, which would have been made so much harder without her invaluable help. She was able to give great professional advice and reassurance at a very difficult time whilst being approachable and friendly. She always ensured that my mum understood all the legal jargon and procedures involved and no query was ever too small. Rhiannon was someone my mum felt comfortable with and was able to trust implicitly, both in terms of her confidentiality and in her integrity of handling all the delicate matters that inevitably cropped up. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who is thinking of or going through a separation.”

Our work together included:

  • Help completing legal forms
  • Explaining legal jargon and procedures in plain language
  • Support to navigate through the legal process



“Mrs D” from Surrey

The client was finding the legal process intimidating and was nervous about attending court. She found it difficult to communicate with her solicitor which left her lacking confidence about the divorce: 

“Rhiannon continues to be a strong support to me as I approach my Financial Hearing. To get to this point has been a long and stressful time. Rhiannon has made a huge difference to that process. My mind can go blank when I am worrying and Rhiannon has been there to clearly and simply explain the legal wranglings and give me the reassurance and practical guidance I have wanted. A tower of strength and a sensitivity that is so often lacking within the legal profession. Rhiannon is very approachable and understanding of the difficulties I have been facing. Thank you for all your support.”

Our work together included:

  • Assistance to complete Income Needs Schedule and Financial Statement
  • Guidance on how best to communicate with her solicitor
  • Sounding board regarding proposals for settlement
  • Accompany client to court for support during financial hearing



“Mrs G” from Surrey

The client needed practical help and emotional support to help her navigate through the divorce process. She felt vulnerable and benefitted from guidance and understanding:

“I consulted Rhiannon when I was in great difficulty. I found her to be a warm, sympathetic person and thoroughly professional and would recommend her to anyone going through the trauma of divorce”.

Our work together included:

  • Preparation of legal forms
  • Advice on how to approach negotiating a financial settlement
  • Explanation of letters and documents from client’s solicitor



“S” from Surrey

The client was concerned about escalating legal costs and understood that it was not the role of the solicitor to provide emotional support. She needed practical help with the legal process but also wanted to feel more confident and in control:

“Rhiannon has been extremely helpful for me to calm, clarify and lead me through a difficult time. I hate forms at the best of times and found it invaluable to have someone that I could ask for help without it costing me the earth. Her assertive approach alongside her sensitivity made me feel safe and confident to tackle the tasks ahead”.

Our work together included:

  • Practical tips for coping with the legal process
  • Advise on how to save money on legal costs
  • Coaching to help empower the client to feel confident and more in control of her situation



“Mr R”

The client had completed the divorce process some months before, and was having problems with his ex-wife regarding the contact arrangements for his son. He did not want to go back to his solicitor but needed help:

“Rhiannon has been a great support. Despite the legal case being over I was still having problems with my ex-wife. My son means the world to me and it was imperative that my ex did not cause problems for me spending time with him. My emotions got in the way of me communicating successfully with my ex-wife and Rhiannon provided sound advice and guidance whilst always remaining empathetic and understanding about my situation.”

Our work together included:

  • Safe and non-judgemental environment to talk through his concerns
  • Help with effective communicating with his ex-wife
  • Coaching to help him establish his goals and create a realistic action plan to achieve them



“Clarity and comfort through a difficult time.”