Solicitor Testimonials

Solicitor Testimonials


Having previously worked as a family law solicitor, myself, I understand the legal process involved in getting divorced. I combine my legal knowledge with compassion and empathetic support to guide my clients through this challenging time in their lives. I work alongside the solicitor to provide practical help and emotional support for those people struggling with their divorce.

Here are some comments from solicitors and barristers I work with about the benefits my services provide to them and their clients:

“I have worked closely with Rhiannon over a number of months, and her support and guidance has been invaluable, both in terms of empowering the client and assisting me and the client with the process.  She is kind and sensitive in her approach and she works extremely closely with the client to support them through what is undoubtedly an extremely challenging time.  She provides practical support, such as assisting clients with collating information required for the court process or in resolving other practical matters which arise as a consequence of any separation, but more importantly, she supports the client emotionally, helping provide them with the strength they need to get through the process. I have no hesitation in recommending her professional services.”

Robert Hines, Managing Associate, Mischon de Reya, London

Whilst I will always do my upmost to ensure that my client is supported, Rhiannon offers something that a solicitor can’t: the ability to focus entirely on what a client is feeling – what they are most worried about – even if that is not directly related to the legal process. Often this will be managing the day to day realities of separation; the many non-legal issues that arise such as how to tell friends and family, how to deal with moving home and so on. The holistic advice she offers also helps her to understand a client’s concerns about the legal process and what it entails. I have seen her effectively translate what a client found it difficult to present during a meeting because they were struggling so much with the thought that they were actually divorcing. This is immensely helpful as it enables me to focus my advice in the right way thus saving the client time and money. That she can help complete forms is a further boon and another benefit to clients both in terms of legal fees and the practical side of separation.

I can have complete confidence that my client is being well looked after by Rhiannon and would have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Lee Henderson, Associate, Pennington Manches, Guildford

“I have worked with Rhiannon on a number of matters over the past three years. I have found her help invaluable and we have been able to work very effectively together which has been hugely positive and a great help to our mutual clients. There are many tasks that Rhiannon can help with and day to day support that she is able to give to clients that would simply be too costly for me to provide. I have always found Rhiannon to be professional in her approach. She has a lovely manner with clients, counsel and with me!”

Veronica Gilmour, Partner, Pennington Manches, Guildford

“I have worked with Rhiannon on a number of cases and she is a valuable addition to the solicitor client team. I am always aware that clients may find their separation, divorce or indeed any issues relating to their family incredibly stressful and that can be overwhelming for them. Rhiannon and I have worked well together to achieve a structure that allows clients to progress through the legal process with greater confidence and feeling supported on all levels. I would not hesitate to recommend Rhiannon.”

Rachel Lemon, Partner, Mundays, Cobham

“Divorce and Separation are two of the most stressful experiences anyone can ever face. While Family Lawyers are well aware of this, there are still times when Clients need the additional support of a Divorce Coach to help them through the process and to help them put everything into perspective. This can be a vitally important role and one which Rhiannon undertakes exceeding well and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Graham Coy, Partner, Stowe Family Law, London

“Rhiannon has been an invaluable source of support and wisdom for many of my clients who I have referred to her. She is warm and kind and I have no hesitation in knowing that my clients are in safe hands with her. It means that my clients, who are going through a very difficult and emotional time of relationship break up, have someone to hold their hand through the process (and beyond), who can explain things to them, someone at the end of the phone and someone to offer “tlc” when they need it. Of course I always aim to give as much support and help to my clients as I can but inevitably that means that legal costs can mount up as I need to spend time to do that. With Rhiannon on board as part of our “team” we all have our part to play and I am able to concentrate on dealing with the legal process as efficiently (and cost effectively) as possible. Rhiannon has been a particular help when she has come to court. A court hearing can often be very difficult for family clients because they will be experiencing very strong emotions – often huge sadness but also perhaps anger. It is important though that if we are at court my clients are able to understand what is going on and to keep a clear head so that they can make decisions for example if we are trying to negotiate a financial agreement. Rhiannon is able to help my clients to keep steady and objective which means we are much better able to bring things to a satisfactory conclusion as quickly as we can.”

Sarah Duckworth, Partner, Mundays, Cobham

“I have worked with Rhiannon on a number of cases at different stages of the process: divorce, finances and with unmarried couples too. I have always found Rhiannon to be incredibly helpful in all aspects. She is able to get clients’ to focus on the issues, help them prepare for meetings and assist them with forms. She is also able to support them through the process and deal with some of the emotions that come with relationship breakdown. This makes my relationship with the client much more cost effective and efficient too. Rhiannon works hand in hand with solicitors and always makes it clear that she doesn’t replace the need for legal advice, she is therefore great at getting clients to seek advice when they need it and supporting them through that advice. That said, her past experience as a solicitor, is a great foundation for what she does and also means she is a great support in the process in terms of equally managing expectations and moving matters forward. “

Louise Pearce, Atkins Hope Solicitors, London

“I have known Rhiannon for almost a year now and during that time I have seen a number of clients who have used or continue to use her services. I can honestly say there is a world of difference in taking instructions from a client who has had the benefit of Rhiannon’s advice and assistance to a client who has not. I have found that Rhiannon’s clients are far more able to provide a concise and relevant account of their present position and articulate their instructions clearly and confidently. Rhiannon has certainly helped to make my job easier and it is a pleasure to work with her.”

Amanda Phillips-Wylds, Senior Solicitor, KJ Smith Solicitors, Windsor

“I have worked alongside Rhiannon on several matters and she is exceptional in the support that she gives to her clients and to me as their acting solicitor. Rhiannon adopts a very sensitive approach in the support that she provides. Coupled with her insight into family law her assistance to her clients is invaluable. I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Charlotte Adler, Partner, Adler Family LawKingston Upon Thames

“I worked with Rhiannon in contested financial remedy proceedings which involved substantial assets and some difficult legal issues. Divorce is a time of emotional turmoil and financial uncertainty with which most clients struggle to cope. Rhiannon guided my client through this difficult process and made my job of advising and representing the client at court much easier than it would otherwise have been. She combined sympathy and support with an extensive knowledge of the applicable legal principles. She was an invaluable member of the team without whom my client would not have been able to endure the journey which ultimately led to a successful outcome. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to other clients.”

Nichola Gray, Barrister, 1 Hare Court, London

“I have worked with Rhiannon with a number of my clients over the last few years.  Clients often find the divorce and separation process daunting and may need additional support outside the realm of legal advice.  Rhiannon provides invaluable emotional and practical support to my clients which allows me to focus on the legal issues and advice.  Her background in family law is clearly beneficial as she is fully aware of the process and, as a consequence, clients who have had the benefit of Rhiannon’s assistance and support are often better prepared for the legal journey ahead.  She provides a kind and empathetic approach and I would not hesitate in recommending clients to her.”

Mandy Spring, Senior Associate, Barlow Robbins, Woking

“I have worked with Rhiannon on a number of cases. The support she provides to clients is invaluable. She provides a fantastic service which a number of clients have commented have made the whole experience of marriage breakdown more bearable. Her patient, calm and approachable manner means that people instantly warm to her and feel comfortable and supported in what can be incredibly difficult situations.”

Hannah Field, Partner, Russell-Cooke Solicitors, Kingston Upon Thames

Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy provides support and guidance for people going through divorce and/or separation, working with individuals before, during and after the legal process. I often work alongside family law solicitors and mediators to provide specialised professional help to clients struggling with the legal process. For more information about these services, please get in touch.