The Benefits of Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching provides huge benefits to people going through divorce and separation:

Emotional support

I can provide a safe, non-judgemental and confidential environment for you to talk openly about your situation. Family breakdown is an extremely emotional time and you are making life changing decisions. It can be very difficult to think clearly and absorb all the information/questions the solicitor is asking you.

“At a time of such confusion, stress and uncertainty, it was an absolute relief to receive such sound guidance and support from Rhiannon which not only made sense of the legal processes but offered a great source of comfort and clarity. I couldn’t recommend this service more strongly.”- L from London

Practical help

I provide hands-on help through the legal process. I can help complete legal forms, prepare you for attending court/meetings and help with communicating your instructions to your solicitor.

“I hate forms at the best of times and found it invaluable to have someone that I could ask for help without it costing me the earth. Her assertive approach alongside her sensitivity made me feel safe and confident to tackle the tasks ahead”.  – A from Surrey

Background in the legal process

I have valuable insight into the legal process and a clear understanding of what is involved. My knowledge and experience enables me to provide empathetic support for what you are going through. Having worked as a family law solicitor for many years, I represented hundreds of people through the divorce and separation process.

“Rhiannon has provided me with invaluable, empathetic advice.  She has enabled me to take stock, examine my options and has helped me to consider the best way to navigate through my situation.”  – D from Surrey

De-mystifying the law

I aim to de-mystify the law by translating legal documents and solicitor letters into plain language. This can help eliminate stress and uncertainty about the legal process. It also helps clarify things for you, to help with important decision making.

“I was put in touch with Rhiannon recently following unhappy revelations in my marriage. I met with Rhiannon and she explained all the legal jargon in a way that was clear and easy to follow. I felt at ease despite my personal unhappiness and Rhiannon was sensitive yet thorough.” –  S from Kent

Tips and suggestions for coping with the divorce process

I can make the legal process that bit more bearable by arming you with a clear explanation of what is going on and what you need to think about. Dealing with solicitors and the courts can be a daunting process. You may be nervous about asking your solicitor questions for fear of not understanding the answer. You may also be concerned about the costs involved in using up the solicitor’s time.

“Rhiannon was a huge help in getting me through a difficult time. I very much appreciated the sympathetic manner coupled with a real understanding of the practicalities involved. As a result, I was in a far better position to understand and assimilate advice from my solicitor. – J from Cardiff

 “After meeting Rhiannon I feel more empowered and confident, which in turn helps with making all the important decisions I now have to make going forward. –  L from Surrey

Saving you money on legal costs

I use my best endeavours to answer any burning questions you have about your situation, helping you save time and money with your solicitor. I am not an alternative to the family law solicitor and do not provide legal advice. Many family law solicitors recommend me to their clients and I work closely with them, providing my clients with practical guidance and support through the legal process.

 “My husband had always been in charge of the family finances and I was very concerned about money and how my legal costs were mounting up. Rhiannon provided great reassurance and comfort throughout the process. Without this support, I would have had to rely on my solicitor much more which would have increased my legal costs. With Rhiannon’s help I had a much better understanding of my solicitor’s advice and was more confident giving instructions to him. I am confident Rhiannon saved me a great deal of time and money, for which I will be eternally grateful!” – R from Surrey

 Going through separation/divorce is a challenging time. You do not have to do it alone. I am here to help. Please get in touch here


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