How Do I Approach Getting a Financial Settlement In My Divorce?

Each person going through divorce has a different experience. Every divorcing couple has a unique family and financial situation. To address this, there are various different approaches available to help the couple reach a financial settlement in their divorce.earlystages

Some couples are still on relatively good terms when they separate and want to reach an amicable agreement regarding all the outstanding issues between them. They may still need help and guidance from divorce professionals to do this, and there are a variety of options available to them.

For others, where there is lots of bad feeling and communication is difficult, other approaches may be more suitable. More input from divorce professionals and the legal system, may be necessary here.

Options and Choice

It’s important for everyone going through divorce to feel as confident and in control as possible, to make strong informed decisions about your situation. To ensure this happens, it is imperative that you understand you have options available to you. You have the power to choose what option is the most appropriate and suitable for your situation.

Making the Right Decision

Understanding the options available is particularly relevant in relation to resolving financial matters. A formal financial settlement provides financial certainty and security to both parties, allowing the couple to move on physically from the breakdown of the marriage. Both parties need to live with the decisions made in the financial settlement. It is vital not to rush in to a quick financial agreement that has not been properly thought through; you will live to regret it. Take proper legal advice and take the time to get the right financial settlement. You need to ensure you will still be comfortable with your decisions, 6months and 6 years down the line.

The Different Approaches

The family law legal system in England and Wales recognises that everyone’s situation is different. There are a variety of ways to approach obtaining a formal financial settlement. The divorcing couple have the choice of:

How Divorce Coaching Can Help You Reach A Financial Settlement

Work I do with my clients involves ensuring you understand the different options available and helping you to decide which approach is most appropriate for your circumstances. In all but the last option, you will require your spouse’s cooperation to use that particular process.

Rhiannon Ford Divorce Consultancy provides support and guidance for people going through divorce and/or separation, working with individuals before, during and after the legal process. I often work with family law solicitors, mediators, colloborative lawyers and arbitrators to provide specialised professional help to clients navigate through the legal process.


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