10 Tips For When You Discover Your Partner Is Having An Affair


Your first reaction to the discovery of your partner cheating on you is most probably shock.

What action you choose to take next, is very important.

You will want to avoid making the situation worse and should always make informed decisions about your next move.



These are the first steps I recommend you take when you find out (or are suspicious) that your partner is having an affair:


  1. Don’t panic

    – keep calm and take time to catch your breath.

  1. Don’t rush in

    – avoid making hasty decisions and/or taking drastic action.

  1. Find out the facts

    – do some research and find out more information.

  1. Communicate with your spouse

    – ask questions and listen to what they say.

  1. Consider getting professional help

  • Marriage guidance counselling – you can attend on your own or as a couple
  • Individual counselling – to process your own feelings about your situation
  • Divorce coach – They can provide valuable support and guidance
  1. Manage your stress levels

    recognise any adverse changes to your general health.

  1. Protect the children

    – from the details of their parents’ relationship problems.

  1. Understand

    – your spouse’s reasons for getting involved with someone else.

  1. Plan

    – what you want to do next – do you want to work things out?

  1. Learn

    – from this experience and take things step by step to move forward.


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