8 Factors To Consider When Looking For A New Home

When a couple divorce, consideration needs to be given to the future housing needs of each of them and of course the children. The family law solicitors involved in the case will advise their respective client as to how this is approached in the legal process.

The possible sale of the family home as part of the divorce settlement can be difficult for the family to face. The sale may not be a voluntary decision and as such, arranging the sale and each party searching for a new property can feel quite emotionally challenging. With any house move, there is a lot to think about and the process can be stressful. This can be particularly hard for divorcing couples who already have a great deal to manage with the rest of their divorce situation.

I have contacted residential property finder Sally Rule to get her expert advice about moving house.

Sally has over 30 years experience in the property market in London and the South East. She works as a residential property finder supporting her clients by sourcing, securing and selling homes on their behalf.

Here are Sally’s top 8 things to consider when you are moving home:

1. Personal

Who is moving?  Will you have children with you? Will you have pets?

2. Location

Would you prefer in the town, a village or be rural? Do you wish to be close to the property you are leaving? Think about always driving, if you wish to be rural.

3. Type of Accommodation

Would you prefer a house or flat? Do you need furniture, or will you be able to take some furniture with you?

4. Property Details

How many bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen or kitchen/dining room, cloakroom, utility room do you need? Do you work from home and need a separate room?

5. Outside Space

Do you need a garden?  Do you need parking?

6. Transport

Do you need to be near public transport or a motorway?

7. Local Area

Do you need to be close to schools, health centre, shopping facilities, bank?

8. Your Budget

Do you know how much you can afford to buy/rent and run your new property?  If not, do you require some help to work this out?  Consider the amount of mortgage or rental payments plus utilities, food bills and general running costs of the household. Will you receive capital and/or income from any other source to help pay for your property costs?


Click here for Part 2 of Sally’s tips which are for when you are moving into your new property.

To find out more about Sally’s service and how she could help you with your property search and move, get in touch with her here.


Moving home as a consequence of divorce can be difficult to face. Should you need help and support with this or any aspect of your divorce, please don’t struggle alone. Get in touch with me here – Contact Rhiannon.


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