Checklist For Moving House From A Residential Property Expert

Moving house and getting divorced are each described as one of the most stressful things you can do in life. It can, of course, be particularly challenging if you are facing both at the same time.

To help provide expert guidance about moving house, I have collaborated on this 2 part blog series with experienced residential property finder, Sally Rule.

In Part 1, Sally gave advice on the factors to consider when choosing your new property. Here she provides us with a helpful checklist of things to organise when you are moving in to your new property:


Ask your solicitor for confirmation of the locations of the stopcock, thermostat, fuse board, meters, tins of paint used and manuals for any appliances which are included in the purchase.

At least 4 weeks before moving:

  • Redirect your post
  • Notify the utilities including council tax, bank statements, doctor, dentist, family and friends, TV licensing, credit cards, DVLA, car and household insurance
  • Arrange for internet connection and utilities to take over on the move-in day
  • Cancel the milk and papers if relevant
  • Arrange for a removal company to quote to pack, load and unload and ask if moving on a weekday is cheaper
  • Check there is enough space for the removal van park and unload. If they need to park on the street, arrange parking with the Council
  • Compile an Inventory of the boxes and their contents
  • Print out the floor plan of your new home and note which box goes into which room
  • De-clutter and start boxing items to move
  • Book the days off work
  • Run down the freezer
  • Arrange for children and pets to be looked after
  • If you are moving yourself, enlist your friends to help you on the day, with one person at the new property to organize refreshments and to keep an eye on the boxes coming into the property
  • Pack the ‘move-in box’ and add the last minute items the day before

On moving-in day

A good idea is to have a ‘move-in day’ box including; tea, coffee, sugar, spoons, toilet rolls, hand soap, hand towels, sandwiches, washing up bowl and liquid, tea-towels, pen and paper, rubbish bags, any medication, a floor covering for removals men carrying in your possessions (this could be flattened cardboard boxes).”

If you are at the stage of searching for a new property, see Sally’s tips in Part 1.

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