How A Divorce Consultant Can Help: Read Mrs T’s Story

When you are considering divorce it can be difficult to know where to turn.

You may have lots of concerns and questions about what your options are and what you should be thinking about.

You may not feel ready to speak to a solicitor. I work with lots of clients at this stage.

Read Mrs T’s story to find out how I helped her…

What was going on for you that prompted you to get in touch with Rhiannon in the first place?

“I was having marital problems which had been ongoing for a couple of years. I had a feeling that the marriage was going to end so I contacted Rhiannon on the recommendation of a friend.”

What in particular did you want help with when you first started working with Rhiannon?

“I had questions about finances, my children and the divorce process generally. I was feeling very overwhelmed but after speaking to Rhiannon for just a couple of hours, I had a lot more clarity and felt much calmer!”

What did you find most helpful about working with Rhiannon in the early stages of your separation/divorce?

“Rhiannon was able to explain the divorce process in very clear terms. She didn’t use confusing legal jargon and she was sensitive, approachable and friendly which meant I could be very open with her and ask anything I liked while at the same time being made to feel comfortable and at ease.”

How has working with Rhiannon helped you during the legal process of your divorce?

“I felt I had a good head start when the time came to start divorce proceedings. I had a good understanding of the process and I felt a lot more confident than I was before I started working with her.”

What have been any other benefits of working with Rhiannon?

“Rhiannon is very responsive and always makes time for me if I need to speak to her urgently. She provides helpful worksheets and tips which are easy to read and digest. She was also able to make good recommendations for lawyers and mediators.”

What would you say to someone considering getting a divorce as to how Rhiannon might be able to help them?

“I would say that first and foremost, she will put you at ease, provide thoughtful answers to your questions and methodically guide you through the process. Her in-depth knowledge of family law combined with her strategic and flexible approach is a highly effective combination.”


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How A Divorce Consultant Can Help If You Are Considering Divorce


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