Moving On From Divorce: Hear from Aly about her journey…

Divorce is a big life transition and the end of the legal case is only the close of one part of the journey. Once you have your financial order and Decree Absolute, it is then time to embark on the first steps of your newly divorced life. This can feel daunting.

In my role as a divorce consultant, I have the opportunity to continue to work with my clients after their divorce case has completed. I can help with lots of different aspects of divorced life and generally provide support as you gradually re-build your life. Having had the chance to work with lots of my clients post-divorce and hear their amazing success stories, I am confident in telling clients who are still going through the legal process, that they are capable of being happy after their divorce. One great example of how life can be good after your divorce, is my fabulous client Aly who has very kindly provided details of her story of the work we are doing together since her divorce. I am so very proud of her. She’s achieved so much and has lots more exciting plans to move her life forward and make it what she wants.

Hear Aly’s story in her own words…

“I invested so much of my time, and indeed of myself into my divorce that when a settlement was finally agreed I was as bereft as I was at the beginning of the divorce process.  How ironic that I had spent 3 years fighting to reach this point, to finalise my divorce, only to then be faced with what the reality of the finality actually represented.  It was the fight that had sustained me, kept me going, and suddenly I was catapulted back into an unknown reality, one that did not involve sitting around a table with lawyers or endlessly analysing bank statements and spreadsheets.  Exactly what was I supposed to do now!

Once again in stepped Rhiannon. Not that she had ever stepped away but that this time she was now available in a completely different capacity than one she had stepped into 3 years earlier.

Working with Rhiannon was like travelling on a very long escalator.  For 3 years we travelled onwards and upwards until we reached the floor marked “Decree Absolute”.  From there we merely stepped onto another one which was clearly marked “New Future”!

We began our coaching sessions in earnest and despite the grief, because I was still grieving for the endings of so many things, Rhiannon was instrumental in helping me understand that endings are in fact new beginnings, and with her support and professional coaching skills it wasn’t long before my life took on new meaning and dreams began to take shape in my mind and in turn in my reality.

Recognising my dreams and then following them led to the most unexpected and incredible experiences.  I gained the confidence to travel alone to places I had only dreamed of visiting.  I qualified as a Fraud Investigator after almost 14 years as a full-time mum and I learned that being single was an opportunity to embrace a freedom I had never known and which I would never let go of. 

At the beginning of 2018 Rhiannon and I met for what had now become a bi-annual coaching session and I had it fixed in my mind that this would be the year I would pro-actively promote my new business as a Fraud Investigator.  We drank tea and chatted about my expectations for the year ahead and never could I have believed what was about to happen.  I didn’t actually want to promote my business…  I wanted ADVENTURE!  I vividly remember sitting back in my chair dumbfounded!  So we discussed in great detail the kind of adventures I wanted to have in this year that was stretching out ahead of me.

A few days after our coaching session, on a weekend that my son was with his Dad I felt compelled to do something I had never done before but had thought about many times.  I spent the weekend creating a vision board.  With my main theme as ADVENTURE I broke it down into three separate themes that related to the adventures I planned on having, they were Travel, Spiritual and Romantic!

As the end of 2018 approaches I have travelled to New Orleans, Mallorca, Vietnam, Cambodia, Holland and Hawaii.  I have become a certified trainer of “Infinite Possibilities”, a spiritual course written and run by the bestselling author “Mike Dooley” and I have set up a new business which I call “Conscious Creators” with the intention of reaching out to those who have not yet realised how powerful they are!

I could not have realised my full potential without Rhiannon. Her love and support over the last 5 years of my life are immeasurable.  I am very proud of the life that I have created for myself and my son but some of the credit has to be given to Rhiannon because sometimes all we need to truly believe in ourselves is having someone in our life that believes in us too.”

I really do hope that Aly’s story gives reassurance and confidence to anyone going through divorce that life can be okay afterwards…and perhaps even fantastic!

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