Tips For Mother’s Day For Separated Mums and Dads


When Mum and Dad have separated, Mother’s Day can be difficult for BOTH parents.  Here are my tips for Mums and Dads:


Put aside your personal feelings for your ex. Help your youngsters to make a fuss of their mum on Mother’s Day.  You may no longer be a couple but you can still acknowledge your ex is a great mum to your kids. Chances are you won’t be with them on the day, so, before Sunday, prep the kids to make a fuss of Mum with helping them to make cards, buy flowers etc. Its understandable, if you are feeling a bit sad about the thought of not being together as a family on the day. Use all the time YOU have with your kids to make new special memories with their Dad. There is also always Father’s Day to look forward to!


It’s natural to feel a bit sad about the prospect of a family tradition now being different. Try not to dwell on the past. Whilst things can’t be the same as they were, you can still have a very special day. Create new happy memories for you and the kids. Use the day to celebrate the wonderful children you have created and raised, and let them show their appreciation by spoiling you….kids’ style.  You deserve it!

Mums and Dads

whilst your relationship with each other as a couple, has come to an end, you continue to be parents to your kids. Its important to put aside your personal feelings towards your ex, and ALWAYS prioritise the kids when decision making. They didn’t ask for Mum and Dad to separate and they have their own feelings to process and come to terms with. In my mind, Mother’s Day is about the kids. Its their chance to show Mum they love her. Both parents can help them to make it a special day for Mum.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day everyone!


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