Tips For Father’s Day for Separated Parents

freeimage-6387804-webMum and Dad are the two most important people in children’s lives. This does not stop when the parents separate. Irrespective of each parent’s personal feelings towards the other, it is imperative that both parents encourage and support the children’s relationship with the other parent. The children did not ask their parents to separate. To them, Mum and Dad are still their family.

Special days such as Father’s Day, are a good opportunity for both parents to acknowledge the other’s contribution in the children’s lives.

Here are my top tips for each parent for Father’s Day:


Put aside your personal feelings for your ex. Help your youngsters to make a fuss of their dad on Father’s Day. You may no longer be a couple but you can still acknowledge your ex is a great dad to your kids. Help the kids buy or make cards and if they can’t see Dad on the day, a telephone call or Skype chat would be a lovely gesture.


Depending on the childcare arrangements, you may not be seeing your children this year on Father’s Day. It is understandable, if you are feeling a bit sad about the thought of not being together as a family. You could always arrange to celebrate it when you are next due to see the children. If you do get to spend time with your children on Father’s Day itself, try not to dwell on the past. Whilst things can’t be the same as they were, you can still have a good day. Create new happy memories for you and the kids. Enjoy the day and have fun with your wonderful children!

Father’s Day is the children’s chance to show Dad they love him. Both parents can help them to make it a special day for Dad…

To all the lovely dads out there, I wish you a happy Father’s Day!


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Mr D, Cambridge

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